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there are two screws on top of the ac control panel that is located on top of the stereo and two other screws are under the radio but to get to this screws u need to remove the ash trey and then after removing those 4 screws the radio should pop right off

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Q: How do you remove the Deck from a 1989 Caprice Wagon?
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Cub cadet deck removal?

How do you remove the deck from the cub cadet lt1046 mower? The instructions do not say how to remove the cable and springs that are attached to the deck.

Remove Tape deck from 1992 Toyota Previa?

remove the radio.and once outside remove the tape deck wich is screw to te radio.

How do you install rear deck speakers?

Remove rear deck lid, use a 9/32 socket to remove screws, remove wires, reinstall them onto new speaker, reinstall the screws and the rear deck lid...

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u have to remove the rear deck lid, speakers r underneath how do you remove the rear deck lid on the 2005 Nissan altima

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remove Allen screws in the vents pull the covers and remove the deck

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To change the mower deck belt; Lower the deck to it's lowest position. Remove the mower deck by pulling the two pins on either side at the rear of the deck. Remove the pin holding the front of the deck. Remove the belt from the drive pulley under the engine. Slide the deck out from under the chassis. Remove three bolts holding the plastic shroud on the left blade pulley. Make a note of how the belt wraps all pulleys and idlers. You can now replace the belt and follow the above steps in reverse order to replace the mower deck.

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I have a 1989 civic dx: door 6.5", rear deck, 6.5"

How do you remove the deck from stx 38 john deere?

Remove 2 clevis pins from front of mower deck and 2 more from the rear. Remove drive belt from lower pulley on engine side, then deck should be able to be removed by sliding out from left or right of mower frame. Removal is made easier of mower deck if height adjustment is in its lowest position after mower deck drive belt is removed.

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How do you remove rear speakers 2004 Chevy cavalier?

you have to remove the entire deck lid inside to remove the rear speakers. remove the side of the interior that is right on top on the deck lid and covering part of the roof liner. remove the big blk plastic push clips holding the deck lid and carpet to the trunk. it should be able to come out now and expose the rear speakers

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How do you replace mower deck belts?

It depends on the mower. Some you will need to remove the deck. Some you will have to remove the deck mounting brackets. Others will change without removing anything. For detailed info please ask again with the make and model of the mower.

How do you remove rear deck speaker cover?

From what kind of car?

How do you remove rear deck speaker on 01 deville?

from the trunk

How do you remove a tape deck from a 1996 Buick Park Avenue?

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How do you remove a Murray mower deck?

lower the deck all the way down. at the rear of the deck you will see a plastic wingnut on either side. remove blades using vice grips to loosen the bolt. you will needto use a shop rag with your free hand to hold the blade in place so you dont cut yourself. next remove wingnuts in rear. there is a bar in the front-most part of the deck held in place with a cotterpin. remove pin to remove bar. depending on your model of mower, that should be it. if not look at the deck frame for any other nuts or bolts.