How do you remove the airbags on a 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC?

The ~safety~ air bag on a 1991 should not be serviced by the vehicle owner. Replacement suspension air bags (springs) come with complete instructions (Arnott, StrutMasters, etc). The seller/manufacturer should gladly provide the buyer with a set even BEFORE purchasing the product. This is in their best interest to show you juyst how easy it is to install their product. If not, I'd move on to the next seller/manufacturer. Jack up your car, get to the air bag, turn the solenoid with vise grips, once the air is out turn the "fat" part at the top to unlock it. its kinda like your power steering cap on your car... it fits into place and turns to lock in. Now at the bottom of your a-arm remove the clip around the little stub that you see. kinda like a cotter pin... But like they said go to and get some springs!!! 219.00 with shipping included and all instructions also. Hey also visit