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Remove mast. Inside car (pass. site): disconnect antenna cable,(you may have to remove door-sill and kick panel) Outside: remove tire (makes it easier to) remove inner splash shield, remove mounting screws and pull antenna base and cable from under fender. Note:there is a rubber grommet going into the car and it may be hard to remove, this is not a big deal if you are replacing it with a new one. (part of a new antenna)


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The antenna mast screws into the antenna mount on the fender. Unscrew the old one and crew in the new one. If you need to replace the entire antenna mount, you will need a new antenna mount assembly with antenna cable.

The antenna mast screws into the antenna mount on the fender. Unscrew the old one and crew in the new one. If you need to replace the entire antenna mount, you will need a new antenna mount assembly with antenna cable. Unscrew the antenna and then unscrew the antenna mount nut. Unfasten the mud guard in the wheel well enough to pull it aside and reach up to the antennae. Remove the kick panel to find where the cable enters the jeep.

Of course you can. It is probably a bigger project than you would want though. You may have to remove a fender or at least the plastic fender liner to get to the top of the fender close to the cowl. After drilling a hole in the fender to mount the antenna you will have to make a hole into the passenger compartment to run the wire in to the radio. Lots of opportunities to make a mistake.

No. If your wheel well has trim, you must remove that. Then remove the bolts that mount the fenderwell to the fender (this is not easy). This allows the fenderwell to be pulled back giving you clear access to the power antenna motor. Note that if the antenna is broken or doesn't go up and down anymore, you may be able to fix it by purchasing just a replacement antenna from Toyota. Typically the toothed cable breaks and all that is required is to remove the motor, disassemble the spool holder ( to remove the broken cable) and then install a new antenna.

You have to remove the front right tire, and go up through the inside of the fender. A lot of work just to remove an antenna! I just did this on my 1999 Montero Sport. Once you remove the back of the fender, you just remove a few nuts from the antenna mount, unplug the power supply, unplug the antenna from the radio and pull the antenna cable out. You can save some time with a short screw driver and don't remove the tire, just the bottom of the fender (and flares). For mounting purposes is best if you use the original part. Before you remove the cable from the inside (if the antenna is not good) cut the cable and use it to pull the new antenna's one. Trust me the hardest part is getting that cable in. Need lots of patience and about 2 hours.. Check out this site for step by step instructions....with replace your electric antenna.....

Let me start with this is not a simple task getting at the plug requires removing the dash pad and glove box. Remove the cover over the antenna there are 3 screw mounting the unit. The cable goes down behind the fender, into the side of the firewall. then connects behind the airbag. Some models require you to remove the hood and fender. I have replaced a few and it takes awhile.

I have a 1998. same problem. I tried drilling and extracting, no avail. It looks like both of us will have to buy a window mount antenna...... . There is a bolt on the bottom of the antenna mount behind the wheel well. You can eathear take your whole wheel well out or you can go under the truck and move the bottom of the wheel well out and remove the bottom bolt and fish it throu. You have to undo one screw on the bottom of the wheel well so you can bend it enouf to get it out. You also have to undo the nut that is at the top of the antenna so that you can take the antenna mast out of top of the top of the fender, you have to be carefull thou you can break the plastic rod that connects the mast to the motor. Good luck I just got done removing mine.

The antenna screws into the mount on the roof

Unscrew it.... It's basically a screw on the buttom. If you want to get to the base of the antenna, I found this on another site: "...removing the fender well panel behind (aft of) the tire. Doing that should allow you to see everything under there."

For the ones on the side you may have to remove the engine mount or starter. For the ones on the back you will have to remove the transmission.For the ones on the side you may have to remove the engine mount or starter. For the ones on the back you will have to remove the transmission.

First you must jack up engine on right side of car. 2nd remove the motor mount bolts. 3rd loosen 15mm nuts on inner fender. Then carefully slide belt through the motor mount.

The antenna is in the rear window, and it's almost worthless! I'm looking for a way to mount an exterior antenna.

The belt side mount has bolts from the top along with the firewall side mount. The radiator side mount bolts are from the bottom and side. The transmission side mount bolts are all from the side. The top bolt is accessible after removing the fender liner.

2.5L engine. Remove the a/c compressor and alt, then unbolt the whole water pump assembly from the engine. you will then reusing the half of the pump that bolts to the block. 3.0L The "HARD ONE" Remove the frt engine mount/timing covers and timing belt to get to the pump. 3.3/3.8L the easy one. remove the frt wheel and inner fender sheild. remove the belt and pulley. unbolt the pump.

Answer1998 MY (model year) Accent vehicle do not have a power antenna. Antenna mast should simply unscrew from mount.Step 1Activate the antenna switch to the up position.(turn on radio)Step 2 Using the wrench or needle-nose pliers, loosen and remove the original retaining nut on the base of the antenna mast.Step 3 Gain access to the underside of the area where the antenna is located.Step 4 Remove the bracket or brace that is below the hole and holding the antenna in place.Step 5 Remove the mast.Step 6 Find the motor that controls the antenna mast. Generally, power antennas will have a constant 12-volt lead and a ground lead. The ground lead will be grounded to the panel next to the motor.Step 7 Remove the ground lead from the panel.Step 8 Pull out the antenna coaxial cable.Step 9 Unplug the coaxial from the extension coaxial cable.Step 10 Remove the original antenna coaxial cable. Note the route the cable follows.Hope it helps

Interstate/Aspencade, quote from my shop book.......... Bike On Center stand, remove the four left saddlebag mount bolts and 2 nuts. remove the reflex reflector from the rear fender, remove the left saddlebag and rear fender. remove the rear bumper by removing the four bolts and retainers. remove the axle nut and RIGHT shock absorber lower mount bolt. remove LEFT shock absorber lower mount bolt. Remove the axle pinch bolt. Raise the rear wheel with a block large enough that the axle clears the muffler. Remove the axle and move the caliper assembly outward to allow removal of the rear wheel. Remove the rear wheel : Note: Do not depress the brake pedal while the wheel is off. Good luck.

The Generation X antenna booster should be mounted on your phone.

Remove the four 13mm bolts from the winch bracket and the whole assembly will come down.

You've got 4 mounts total. A transmission mount, then on the other side of the motor, you've got a mount that goes to the middle of the engine that is in the fender, and upper torque strut and a lower torque strut on that same side.

drain the oil, remove engine mount bolts and raise the engine 3-4 inches, remove the starter and block to bell housing brackets. remove the pan mount bolts( you may have to take the tranny lines loose if an automatic) drop the pan.

remove tires (pretty basic, pretty sur you can handle that one) then there is a caliper and a mount in between the car and the caliper, two bolts hole the mount the the caliper and two hold the mount to the car, remove the two that hole the mount to the car pull the whole assembly away and the rotor will slide right off Fast and reasonable

i have a 2002 dodge truck and this is how it is done; 1) lower the tailgate 2) There are 2 "torx" screws holding the housing on, remove them 3) The wire that leads to the bulb mount must be removed, there is a red lock on it, slide the lock to the left (from the top) and then remove the taillight assembly. 4) there are 4 Phillips head screws holding the light bulb mount, remove them and pull the mount from the lens assembly 5) replace bulbs 6) installation is the reverse of the dis-assembly. Have fun !!!

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