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num1 loosen big 32mm bolt from the axel take and loosen the wheel jack if ur lucky hoist remove brake caliper bolts 10 mm pull caliper off rotor take rotor off loosen the tie rod ends hit hard with big hammerpop the tie rod off grab wrenches take lower ball joint bolt out pop ball joint out of a arm tap axle out of the nuckle go under the car with the pan pop with a pry bar axle out of transreverse to replace

Drain transmission. Caliper bolts have 12mm heads. You do not have to remove rotor, tie rod ends or ball joint. Simply remove the lower control arm mounting bolts that secure it to the frame and then let the arm slowly lower away. Trust me, some repair manuals print false information. I have done this smoothly 3 times so I know what I am talking about. Install new circlips on inside axle spline. Instal new seals in transmission. John 805-904-9817

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Q: How do you remove the axles from the transmission of a 1990 Dodge Colt Standard with 15-L engine for the purpose of replacing the transmission?
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Can you put a engine from a car with a automatic transmission in a car with a standard transmission?

Yes, but you have to remove the automatic transmission housing, and you have to replace the Torque Converter with a standard transmission clutch that matches the type of transmission with which you are mating the engine.

Does transmission type matter in replacing an engine on a 1992 Toyota Camry?

The outfit where you are getting your engine should know if the transmission housing will bolt up to the engine.

I need to replace the engine and transmission in my 92 Subaru loyale what other years and models will fit?

Any transmission that is bolted to the same engine number. My subaru has an ea82 engine so any transmission that is bolted to an ea82 engine will fit. It has to be the same as far as automatic replacing automatic. Manual replacing manual.

Where is the whole transmission located 1987 Mercury Cougar?

The question is if the transmission is a standard or an automatic, if it is a standard then the transmission is located directly behind the bell housing which is bolted onto the rear of the engine, if it is an automatic then the transmission is bolted directly to the rear of the engine

What transmission does a 2000 Chevy S-10 have?

Depends on which engine it has and if it is a standard or an automatic.

What is the towing capacity for a 2003 chevy s-10?

Standard cab with a 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission is rated at 5600#. Standard cab with a 4.3 V6 engine and automatic transmission is rated at 6000#. Extended cab with 4.3 V6 engine and automatic transmission is rated at 5500#.

Where is the clutch on a 08 Dodge Ram standard?

It is between the engine and transmission.

How much automatic transmission fluid does it take to fill a 2001 Nissan Frontier 4cyl to the proper level after replacing the filter?

your question is a bit ambiguous if you are talking about he engine oil filter it has nothing to do with the transmission do NOT put automatic transmission oil in the engine you will blow the engine

What are the standard features of a Cobra engine?

Some standard features of a Cobra engine include a V8 type engine and 5-speed manual transmission. You can find more features on the Cobra engine Wikipedia page.

How many hour of labor on replacing water pump on a 2007 toyota sienna?

Replacing the water pump for that vehicle is 16.0 labour hours. Engine and transmission need to be removed.

Will a th350 transmission fit a 283 engine?

The Chevy 283 engine has the standard bellhousing configuration and is compatible with transmissions that bolt to first generation small blocks. The automatic TH350 transmission will fit the 283 engine.

What is the timing for a 1970 250 Chevy engine?

Assuming this is a truck, if it has a standard transmission, TDC. If it has a automatic transmission, 4 degrees BTDC.

What is the purpose of the transmission in a car?

To match a constant speed engine with a variable speed vehicle.

Why doesn't transmission work after replacing engine?

I would imagine that the tranny was not inserted correctly. In order to do this, you must use the poker.

Will the engine an transmission from my 1995 Chevy silverado extended cab truck fit into a 1995 GMC extended cab truck both 4 wheel drives?

If they're the same engine and transmission, yes. If they're different engines and transmissions, some modification may be required, e.g., you're replacing a 305 with a 4L60E transmission with a 454 and 4L80E transmission, or you're replacing an auto with a manual or vice versa.

Where do you set the distibutor to time a 1970 Roadrunner with 383 engine?

With a standard transmission, TDC. With an automatic transmission, 2 1/2 BTDC.

Do you need to run engine after replacing points?

after replacing points in engine, can correct timing be done to engine if engine is not run.

Do you check the transmission fluid in a Taurus with the engine on or off?

automatic....engine warm and running while in park, standard, engine off. But this is covered in your owner's manual

What is the most economical vehicle to drive?

Something small with a 4 cylinder engine and a standard transmission.

Can a 1999 neon standard transmission bolt up to a 1995 neon engine?

It should bolt right up. You'll need the pedals and all the linkage not to mention the computer from a neon with a standard transmission.

Can you put a manual transmission in a 1993 Lincoln town car?

Yes, you can put a manual transmission in a 1993 Lincoln Town Car. The purpose of the engine is to provide motion to the transmission.

Where is 3.4 liter crankshaft position sensor?

The engine is equipped with two. Which one needs replacing? One is located between the engine and transmission on the rear of engine. And the other is located behind the harmonic balancer.

What is the bell housing?

It is located between the back of the engine and the transmission. It houses the flywheel and clutch if it is a standard or the flex plate and the torque converter if it is an automatic transmission.

What type oil for Honda FR 700 rototiller transmission?

SAE 10w40 standard engine oil is used in the transmission of the Honda FR700 tiller.

Can you pull a 4-cylinder engine on a 2002 jeep tj without bringing the standard transmission with it?