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How do you remove the back brake drum from a 1997 Toyota Camry Le?

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get some wd-40 and spary around where the drum meets the axle let that soak a few minutes then take a pry bar and stick on the back side of the drum between th drum and backing plate and pry it out then take a good sized hammer and hit real hard on the center of the axle it will pop loose Actually, on most Camry's, and I know from experience on the 97 LE, there are two small threaded holes on the face of the drum brake about 2 inches from center. Find some bolts that fit this thread (I believe it is 8mm) and tighten them while alternating to keep an even pressure. The brake drum will pop off. This is actually the purpose of these holes, so don't be afraid that you are going to damage something. Also, make sure you have loosened the adjuster by using a tool (maybe just a screwdriver) through the nickel sized hole on the drum brake. It's not really a good idea to use a pry bar since it could break the brittle drum and wd-40, if it gets in the wrong spot, could be a problem. So be careful with these methods.

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