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How do you remove the back panel to replace 8 sub-woofer in 2002 Tahoe?

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pop up the rear trim on the left side then pop the top left trim off with your hands. Top left piece is the one that has the tweet in it. Once its off, unscrew the knob that holds the retracktable back cover. Lastly, pop the main trim piece off with hands making sure to pop out the last plastic grommet under the knob that you unscrewed. That easy...

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How do you replace the subwoofer on a 2004 Honda Pilot?

how to remove the right rear panel for sub woofer remove

How do you remove speakers 2007 model mustang?

Door Speakers: * Remove the door trim panel * Remove the speaker mounting screws * Pull out the speaker and disconnect the electrical connector from the speaker and remove the speaker Door Subwoofers: * Remove the subwoofer grille trim panel * Remove the door trim panel * Remove the 8 mounting screws from the front side of the subwoofer * Remove the single subwoofer retaining screw from the backside of the subwoofer enclosure * Pull out the subwoofer,disconnect the electrical connector and remove the subwoofer Quarter Panel Speakers: * Remove the quarter panel trim * Remove the 4 speaker mounting screws * Pull out the speaker,disconnect the electrical connector and remove the speaker Parcel Shelf Speakers: * Working from inside the trunk area,disconnect the speaker electrical connector * Remove the parcel shelf * Remove the speaker mounting screws and remove the speaker

Chevy Tahoe remove rear interior door panel?

Chevy Tahoe remove front and rear speaker

How do you take the instrument panel out of a 08 Tahoe?

Remove the instrument panel cover. Remove the instrument panel retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the gauges. The instrument panel will come out.

How do you you remove the inside door panel on a 2001 Tahoe?

The 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe inside door panel is held in place with eight retaining clips. Pry outward on each retaining clip to remove the door panel.

How do I replace drivers side mirror 1995 Chevy Tahoe?

Remove inside door panel, remove mirror assembly holding bolts, unplug electrical connection and reinstall.

How do you change the light bulb for the heater control on a 2006 Tahoe?

To change the light bulb for the heater control on the 2006 Tahoe, you will either need to replace the entire climate control panel or remove and re-solder the bulbs. You can remove the bulbs by first removing the dashboard bezel and then the dash itself. Access the bulbs and pull them out of the control panel. Solder new bulbs into the panel.?æ

Where is the amplifier on a 2001 range rover?

MAIN AMPLIFIER LOCATION: I found the main amplifier (not the small subwoofer amp) of my 2001 RR HSE located between the subwoofer and the outer body panel of the car. (If you had X-ray vision you would look through the subwoofer and see it behind) 1 - Remove the subwoofer 2 - Remove the CD changer 3 - Remove the metal brackets that hold the subwoofer / changer 4 - Remove the interior panel that goes from the rear seat to the tail light (was blocked by the subwoofer) 5 - Remove the sound insulation fabric 6 - The amp is located directly between where the subwoofer was, and the exterior of the car. Thanks to the person who finally posted the correct location. The main amplifier (not the small subwoofer amp) on a 2001 RR HSE is NOT located below the glove box, it is NOT located below either seat, it is NOT located in a door panel.

How do you remove the 2002 Montero subwoofer in the trunk area on the left side?

You have to remove the panels beginning with the upper panel. There are some screws holding in the grab bar and the storage cover holder but the rest are clips. You will after removing the upper panel, you will see some screws holding the lower panel. Remove the screws and then remove the carpet area in the rear left side. You will see some more screws. After that, remove the rear door molding and gently pry the lower panel back. You will then see the amp and the subwoofer.

How do you replace speakers in a 1999 Chevy pick-up?

Remove door panel, remove 4 screws, remove speaker, put new speaker in, replace screws, replace door panel. Done.

How do you remove factory sub woofer on a Lincoln navigator?

remove plastic strip at base of back door, unscrew knobs that hold cargo net, remove third row seating and last remove side panel covering subwoofer. hope that helps its easier than it sounds. should need no more than a 1/4 inch nut driver I changed the subwoofer just last week and discovered some real fun stuff. If it is the factory subwoofer you will also have to remove the side panel and the subwoofer enclosure and remove the bolt from the back of the speaker itself. It's a pain, but only takes about one hour. I swapped it for just a regular 8" subwoofer and it works great.

How do you replace a driver side mirror on a 2007 Tahoe?

Begin by removing the inside door panel. Remove the drivers side mirror wiring harness. Remove the mirror retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new mirror.

How do you replace the dash speakers in a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus?

Remove center stack bezel (radio, heater control), remove screws from instrument trim panel at ctr stack and remove instrument trim panel, remove dash top panel, replace speakers.

Where is the interior lamp control module located on a 98 Chevy Tahoe?

you have to remove the driver seat belt and remove the panel it is behind there

How do you replace Side mirror on a 1998 sls cadillac?

remove the door panel screws and pull up on the door panel to correctly remove it. then remove the 3 bolts on the upper corner and unplug and replace

Can you remove the inside driver side door panel to replace the window on a 1997 Saturn SW2?

No. To remove the widow its easiest to remove the outside panel

How do you install a new door handle on the outside of a 1999 Tahoe?

Remove inner door panel for access

How do you remove the instrument panel on a 1988 ford ranger xlt to replace panel lights?

with a hammer

How do you replace door panel courtesy bulbs on 1995 Buick riviera?

Remove the door panel.

How do you replace a side view mirror on a 1997 Tahoe?

Take off the door panel and unbolt the mirror housing

How do you remove passenger door panel on 2001 grand marquis to replace door lock?

Type your answer here... how do you remove passenger door panel on 2001 mercury marquis to replace door lock.,

How do you remove the driver side door panel of a 1999 Beetle to replace door lock?

How do you remove the driver side door panel of a 1998 VW Beetle to replace the door handle cable?

How do you remove a Lincoln Navigator subwoofer?

To remove the subwoofer, you have to first remove the plastic panel on the passenger side next to the third row seat. It is much easier to remove if the seat has been taken out. You will notice that the sub is attached to a large black plastic speaker box. The speaker is held in place by a large bolt on the back side of the speaker box that attaches the box to the magnet on the speaker. The only way to get it out is to remove the entire box from the panel to get to the bolt. Hope that helps!

Tools needed for removel for 2005 tahoe front bumper?

Tools needed to remove the 2005 Tahoe front bumper are 10 mm and 7 mm panel poppers.

How do you replace a miata license plate panel?

Open trunk, remove matting closest to panel, take out bolts, panel off.

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