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Copy turn the screw at the front of the slide.It will unscrew only so far. once it is loose turn the barrel either right or left,once it is away from the center of the tube it should lift out. There are threads and something like keys on each side of the barrel,once they line up it should lift out. At least that is how it is on the 30 E series.

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Q: How do you remove the barrel form a Savage Model 30 shotgun to replace with a new one?
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How do you remove the barrel of a Savage Stevens Model 311 shotgun?

hire it done.

Savage 12 gauge model 30T how do you remove the barrel?

the large magazine cap screw has to be unscrewed, after which the barrel simply rotates and slides off the front of the shotgun.

Can you remove the barrel from a sears and roebuck model 66 shotgun?

Yes, you can remove the barrel of a model 66 Shotgun!

How do you remove the barrel from a western field shotgun?

with a hacksaw

How do you remove the plug from a model 37 Ithaca shotgun?

Pull pump action back. screw the knurled part at end of stock to loosen it. Remove barrel. Turn knurled part all the way off and plug and spring should come out. Replace spring and replace knurled part. Replace barrel and you're ready.

How to remove a model 780 barrel?

Who made it? Is it a shotgun, rifle or handgun?

How do you remove a threaded shotgun barrel?

Send it to the factory or a trained factory armorer

How do you remove the plug from a Browning a5 shotgun?

Unscrew the Magazine cap and remove the barrel. There is a clip/ring at the end of the magazine tube. Revove the clip and the spring and plug will come out. Replace the spring and reassemble.

Where is the gauge stamped on a lefever shotgun?

If it is a double, remove barrel and you will see it along with serial #.

How do you remove barrel on high standard fleet king model k2011 shotgun?

with a torch

How do you remove the barrel from a 12 gauge Springfield Model 67 shotgun?

you cannot remove it. it is all in one with the receiver frame

How do you remove the barrel of a Browning shotgun?

Follow the instructions in the A5 manual using the link below.

How does one remove the barrel on a Remington Model 29 shotgun?

You can request a manual from Remington on their web site.

How do you remove and replace a Harrington and richardson topper m48 trigger guard?

how to remove and replace trigger guard on Harrington Richardson topper shotgun n

How do you dismantle a BPS shotgun?

remove the magazine cap by unscrewing, then the forearm will slip off. then pull the barrel off.

How do you remove the bolt on a model 18D springfield 12 gauge shotgun?

take out the scew on the bottom side of the barrel

Where is the measurements made on barrel of sawed off shotgun?

Close the shotgun action and insert a rod down the barrel to the standing breech (to the rear edge of the chamber or where the back of the shotgun shell would be). Mark the end of the rod protruding from the barrel. Remove the rod and measure its length. Per federal law (GCA 1934), this must be a minimum of 18"

How do you remove the barrel from a Savage model 220?

Pull down on the front of the foreend. It snaps right off. Open the action, and the barrel lifts back and up off the hinge in the receiver.

How to clean pitted barrel?

You can clean it, but you cannot remove the pits. If it is badly pitted, you will need to have a gunsmith bore and reline the barrel or replace it.

Where is the serial number on a riverside arms single barrel shotgun?

Many early ones may not have a serial number. If they do, it will most likely be on the side of the receiver. There is a small chance it will be inside, after you remove the barrel.

How do you take apart a steven model 311 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

There should be a screw or release lever under the forearm of the gun. Once you release that you should be able to remove the barrel.

How do you replace the locks on a Peugeot 106?

Its best to first remove the trim off the door, then on the side of the door is a little plastic plug, remove this. Following that find something to put into the hole to knock the metal seal off(a pen or similar) you may have to hit this with a shoe. Now remove the barrel currently in the door and replace with the new barrel. Push the seal back over the barrel and put the trim back on.

How do you remove the barrel on a 12 gauge J C Higgins Model 20 shotgun?

The barrel of this shotgun simply cannot be removed. It is screwed in and requires a barrel vice and the appropriate wrench. The trigger group can be removed by means of the pin at the back of the receiver, which would allow for easier access to the barrel, but this is a complicated process and is not recommended. Nothing can be removed from the J.C. Higgins Model 20 to help clean it, unfortunately.

How do you replace ignition module in a 98' Malibu?

Remove the ignition module retaining ring. Pull the ignition barrel out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the ignition barrel. Reverse the process to install the new ignition module.

How do you clean a Ranger 101.6 16 gauge double barrel shotgun?

That is a Stevens double. Pull straight down on the forend to separate it from the barrel set. Then open the barrels and remove them down and forward. Far as you need to go.