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Remove glove compartment box on passenger side, u should see the actuator its white box with wire harness in front gots four SCREWS(TORX) just remove and replace or to troubleshoot just turn heater and blower on high make sure harness is attached make sure its turning.hope it help a lil bit Check out this step by step process for replacing the heater core that provides great diagrams and information that will help:

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โˆ™ 2008-04-26 21:27:56
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Q: How do you remove the blend door actuator on a 99 Ford Expedition?
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Where is the rear blend door actuator in a ford expedition?

In the back/middle

How do you replace blend door actuator on 97 ford expedition?

How do i replace blend door motor

How do you replace the rear blend door actuator on a 2002 Ford Expedition?

You don't!

Where is the heater valve located on a 97 Ford Expedition?

Assuming you are looking for the temp blend door actuator, remove the center console and you will see the actuator under the dash. It should be white in color.

Where is the blend door actuator on your 1997 F150?

How do I locate the heater blend door actuator in a Ford f150 pickup

How do you replace blend door actuator motor on 1999 ranger?

how to replace a blend door actuator on a 1999 ford ranger

How do you fix a clicking in the heater and air conditioner switch on a Ford?

You have a faulty temperature blend door actuator located directly behind the radio. Remove the radio and remove the blend door actuator held to the heater case with three 8mm screws, and replace it.

What is a knocking noise in the right rear interior panel on a 2005 ford expedition?

rear a/c blend door actuator bad [broken plastic gear]

Where is actuator door on the ac conditioner of my 1999 ford expedition .?

the actuator door is above the actuator motor which is above the floor vent ducts in the middle of the dashboard at the bottom easy fix on F- 150 on a Expedition you have to remove the middle console first to even get to that section of the dashboard.

Where is the door blend actuator 1998 Ford Taurus?

In the trunk, I think

How do you replace the rear blend door on a 2003 Expedition?

The Expedition uses the same HVAC system as the Ford F150 pickup truck. The Expedition is a little tricky because you have to remove the center console and floor heat distribution vent to access the actuator motor. Once you remove the motor, you can examine the blend door axle for cracks or breakage. This is a common fail mode on the Expedition. HeaterTreater is the world's leading company for aftermarket blend door fixes and has a product for the Expedition. Additional diagnostic information and pictures are available on the Ford Expedition HeaterTreater Ebay listing or the web site at There is an inexpensive effective fix available that replaces the cheap plastic door with steel that will outlast the vehicle. cgallen

Where is the blend door actuator on a 2003 ford f150?

I believe it is located behind the glove compartment. Drop out the glove compartment box and you will see the blend door actuator.

How do you remove front grill from Ford Expedition?

how do you remove the grill from a 2008 ford expedition?

No heat on 1999 Ford Expedition?

most of the time it is the blend doors get stuck it is a really big job remove the dash to get to them

How do you repair the blend door motor on a 1998 Ford Expedition?

Generally the problem is with a broken blend door, not a bad actuator motor. A solution is available at and additional information can be found by checking my other posts on this forum. cgallen

What does a air temperature control blend door actuator motor cost?

Temperature blend actuator motors price around $45-80.Lots of after-market alternatives to the Ford dealership.

Where is the blend door actuator 99 ford windstar?

The Blend Door actuator on the Ford Windstar can be found by removing the glovebox. A broken blend door actuator is almost as common as a broken blend door itself. Typically, the fix requires disassembling the entire dash and replacing the whole plenum box, which can be a costly repair. Linked here is a video from demonstrating how to access components of the plenum box for repair without disassembling the entire dash. This details the best DIY option on how to replace a broken blend door or actuator.

Why is your 1999 ford expedition blowing cold air up front and warm air in the back?

It is possible the temperature blend door actuator has failed. Do you hear a thumping type noise when adjusting the temperature? If so, it is highly likely the actuator needs replacing. Very common

What is part number 1l2z-19e616-ca for a ford explorer xlt?

I believe it is a blend door actuator. The blend door actuator "blends" hot and cold air enabling you to control the climate control temperature.

Where is the air door actuator located at on a 98 Ford Windstar van?

The temperature blend door actuator is almost straight behind the radio.See "Related Questions" below for detailed instructions on replacing the actuator.

Is there away to check temp blend door actuator on a Ford Windstar?

Remove the actuator and watch it operate when adjusting the temperature control.If it moves only in one direction it's broken. And obviously, if it doesn't move at all, it's broken.With the actuator out, you can insert a small screwdriver into the blend door and operate it manually. Confirm it is moving smoothly end-to-end and not binding.See "Related Questions" below for more

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