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How do you remove the bolt from a Marlin Glenfield Model 20 rifle?

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Open the bolt, pull it to the rear, hold the trigger back and remove the bolt.

2006-08-20 00:10:27
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Marlin glenfield model 60 22lr What is it's value?

value marlin glenfield model 60 22 simi auto rifle

Where can you get a clip for a Glenfield Model 25 rifle?

straight from marlin

What year was the glenfield model marlin rifle made?

No sn data published.

Where you can find the magazine tube for a Marlin Glenfield Model 60 22 Rifle?

Is it common to find a 22 caliber Marlin Glenfield Model 25 with a matching Marlin 4x20 scope?

The Glenfield 25 was manufactured from 1979 through 1982. Some would suggest the Marlin Glenfield 25 was produced from 1972-1982. Regardless, the Glenfield name was cancelled in 1983. The rifle continued as the Marlin Model 25 until 2003, which then became the Marlin 925. Thousands were produced so YES it is common to find a Marlin-Glenfield Model 25. How many original matching Marlin scopes made it so far with the rifle however is another story. I have not seen many with the matching scope so this may be uncommon. The Model 25 is a robust and classic rifle. Enjoy :)

What was the first year for the Marlin Model 925?

The Marlin model 925 22 long rifle, was first introduced in 2003. Before that it was Glenfield Marlin model 25 or just Marlin model 25. Hope this helps.

What year was your Marlin Glenfield 30A serial number 20167280 made?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Marlin(Glenfield) rifle was made in the year 1980.

What is the value of your glenfield model 20 marlin 22 rifle?

$90.00 to $40.00 depending on condition.

Where can I buy an ammo clip for a Glenfield model 20 22 cal rifle?

Glenfield was made by Marlin. Check with a local gun shop.

What year was marlin glenfield model 60 serial number 24444035 made?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Glenfield model 60 rifle was made in the year 1976.

What year was marlin glenfield model 60 serial number 22544367 made?

With the serial number that you supplied,your Glenfield model 60 rifle was made in the year 1978.

How do you remove bolt from a marlin glenfield model 10 rifle?

Open bolt, elevate barrel, pull trigger , catch bolt before it hits the ground

What is the value of a marlin glenfield model 60 22 rifle?

between $100 & $300 (nz dollars)

What year was a marlin glenfield model 25 made with the serial number 27478287?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Glenfield rifle was made in the year 1973.

What is the manufacture date of a marlin glenfield model 30 30-30 serial AB54745?

The 2 letter prefix of AB to your serial number indicate that your Marlin-Glenfield model 30 rifle was made in the year 1966.

When did Marlin quit making the Glenfield 30A?

The Glenfield was made from 1973 to 1983. In the last production year, Marlin changed the model to 30-AS. In good condition, it's a very good deer rifle.

What are the production dates of marlin greenfield model 60 22 log rifle?

The Marlin Glenfield model 60 is one of the rifles many variations that was in production from 1966-1982.

What year was the Marlin glenfield model 20 22 long rifle made?

Made between 1960 and 1966.

What Marlin rifle is the cross reference for the Coast to Coast model CC 440?

Marlin mdl 70 is the answer << This was/is the correct answer. The CC440 does appear to be the Marlin/Glenfield 70 as stated earlier. .

Does the Marlin 3085S and the Marlin 336 have interchangeable parts?

It is the exact same rifle as the Glenfield Model 30A, and yes parts are the same as the Marlin 336. Forearm is the cap style.

Where can you get a bolt for a JC Higgins model 41 single shot 22?

this rifle was made by marlin it was marlin glenfield model 10 try Numrich arms in West Hurley NY

How much is a Marlin-Glenfield model 25 22 caliber bolt action long rifle worth?

About $150.00

Where can you find parts for an older martin glenfield model 70 22 rifle?

Marlin Customer Service, or the website for gunpartscorp.

How do you remove the forend from a Glenfield Model 30?

Do you have the pump shotgun or the lever-action rifle?

Where do you get parts for a Western Field 22 model 50 rifle?

I would seriously start my search at numrich gun parts corp.your gun is a model 60 glenfield that was made for montgomery wards by marlin/glenfield.