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How do you remove the clutch fan on a 1993 Ford F-250 so the water pump can be replced?


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AnswerTo remove the clutch fan, undo the bolts that hold it on. Then take a puller and pull it of the shaft. Then you can get at the water pump. Also remember that the fan shroud has to come out first.

A fan clutch wrench set would help you.

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you will have to remove the transmission. once you have the tranny off you can remove and replace the clutch...if you buy a new clutch specific directions will come with it...too long to write here.

To remove the clutch fan on a 1993 Mercury grand marquis hold the fan in place using a clutch fan tool, then remove the holding nut. Most large auto parts chains will loan you the tool.

to remove a clutch fan on a ford, you need special tools . also fan thread is left hand thread ,so you unscrew it clockwise

You need to rent or buy a fan clutch removal tool kit. you need to remove the fan and clutch as one before you can separate the fan from the clutch.

It gives the clutch pedal a softer, smooth feeling. Some people remove these for a more direct pedal feel

Verify that the clutch is working. If there are noises, there is a problem. Disconnect the negative charge. Lift the vehicle up and support it. Support the engine with a hoist. Disconnect clutch linkage. Remove the clutch and replace it.

how to i change a clutch in a 1993 ford ranger

Remove the water return hose from your 1993 Chevy Lumina water pump. Remove the water pump belt. Remove the water pump retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new water pump.

Where is the clutch fluid on 1993 nissan pickup truck.

Disconnect the battery Drain the cooling system Remove the fan and clutch assembly from the water pump. You will need to get a fan clutch holding tool and a Fan Clutch Nut Wrench. Ford T84T-6312-C - Fan Clutch Holding Tool - Global Tool# 303-239 - OTC tool# 7204E1 Ford T84T-6312-D - Fan Clutch Nut Wrench - Global Tool# 303-240 - OTC Tool# 7204E2 After loosening the fan and clutch assembly from the water pump using the two tools listed above position the fan and clutch asembly in the fan shroud. THEN remove the fan shroud (which has the fan/clutch assembly in it) Loosen the water pump pully bolts Remove the drive belt by rotating the tensioner away from the belt by using pully retaining bolts only. (Do not pry on belt tensioner!) Remove the water pump pulley Disconnect the lower radiator hose, heater hose andwater pump bypass hose at the water pump. Unfasten the bolts that attach the pump to the cylinder front cover. Remove the pump and gasket.

the master clutch cylinder , losen bolt inside fire wall to the end do not remove nuts at this time , attatach wire to it and lower it to the ground

Go read the instructions, unless you're too MAN enough to do it.

Show us a video on how to change a clutch on a 1993 Nissan pickup truck.

where and how to adjust clutch pedal 1993 s10 It is hydraulic operated, there is no adjustment.

there is not adjustment for the clutch, you need to replace it if is bad.

1993 Infiniti G20 does not have a hydrolic clutch! It has a cable, that runs under the intake stuff.

Clutch switches are usually located at the top of the clutch pedal.

A 1993 does not have a clutch fork if it is a pick-up truck. It has an hydraulic slave cylinder.

It's a hydraulic clutch and can't be adjusted.

The 1993 Saturn used a self adjusting hydraulic clutch system on the manual transmission vehicles. As such, the clutch never needs adjustment. If you're having trouble with the clutch, it is most likely because of a worn or damaged clutch assembly.

It is on the input shaft of the transmission (inside the bellhousing). to remove it you need to remove the transmission enough to slide the input shaft, remove the hydraulic lines that control it and slide it off the shaft.

First you un bolt the trans move it back Then unbolt the clutch remove the pressure plate replace it the put the clutch back on put the trans back bolt it and there u go and u have to un bolt the drive shaft first

I usually have done it at my shop for friends for about 800 bucks, also depends on which kind of clutch set your getting and brand.

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