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It's not overly difficult as long as you have the right tools and the Repair Manual.. Learn from my mistakes and LABEL EVERYTHING... Use a camera, colored tape, plastic containers, or whatever it takes to make sure you put everything back the same way it came off.

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Where is the clutch fluid reservoir located on a 1997 Ford Probe?

There is no clutch fluid reservoir on a 1997 Probe. On this car, it is the same as the brake fluid reservoir.

Were do i pour the clutch fluid in my 1993 probe gt?

Clutch master cylinder reservoir.

Does a Ford Probe gt have a hydraulic clutch?


How do you change the clutch master cylinder in a 1994 ford probe gt?

im sure this is on the clutch pedal itself.

How do you tighten the clutch cable on a 1990 Ford Probe GT?

cant its hydraulic if the clutch slips its time for a new 1

Where do you pour clutch fluid in 1995 probe?

The 95 SE has an hydraulic-assist clutch that is slaved off of the brake master cylinder.

What would cause a 93 probe gt not to turn over with clutch engaged it will start by jumping starter but not like it should using clutch?

Misadjusted or bad clutch safety switch? Usually located at the upper end of the clutch pedal

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1990 Ford Probe?

you don't. it's hydraulic and, automatically adjusted hydraulically.

Your 94 probe gt has new clutch but when you are on a hill car will not goit does not stall but it does not rev up either?

IF your 94 Probe GT has a new clutch, but when you are on a hill the car will not go, it could be the fuel line. This is especially true if it does not stall and does not rev up either.

Does anything need to be taken off to remove a starter on 1989 ford probe?

does anything need to be taken off to remove a started on 89 ford probe

What is a probe?

A probe is a tool that is inserted into something to view or get information abour what is going on inside that object. A satellite that goes into deep space is an example of a probe.

How do you bleed a clutch line on a 1995 Ford Probe GT?

Try this site. It helped me:

Why did Patricia Bath make the Laserphaco Probe?

She made it to remove cataracts

What is a lunar space probe?

A lunar space probe are robot machine that is send to the outer space to gather information about the moon.

What does a space probe do?

it gathers information about space without a crew

Stereo wiring for Ford Probe 1995?

This site gave me some good information - all the wires seemed to match my '95 probe.

What space probe gives most information about mercury?

NASA's MESSENGER probe because it is in orbit around mercury right now.

Why wont your clutch come back up off the floor and why cant you engage it in your 93 probe gt?

The linkage or cable is broke

How do you replace the fuel pump on 1996 probe?

Remove fuel tank for access

Where is the clutch gasket tank located on a 1993 probe gt?

Sorry but your question makes no sense. If you are asking where is the hydraulic clutch reservoir, then if it has one, it is located somewhere near the master cylinder, usually mounted on the firewall.

What do you have to do to change a fuel pump on a ford 1993 probe the engine is a 2.0?

Remove fuel tank Remove fuel tank

How does WikiLeaks get information?

Sensitive documents are "leaked" to them from anonymous sources, most likely from personnel from within governments.Added: Not to mention that they allegedly have a talented staff of hackers who contribute content to them and who continuously probe sensitive sites in order to 'break' them and gain access from which they can download information.

How do you get to the reservoir for the clutch in a 95 Ford Probe?

The clutch master cylinder is fed through a hose from the brake master cylinder reservoir. It is located on the firewall under the hood directly in front of the steering wheel, under the wiper motor.

What gathers information and sends it back to earth?

A satellite, probe, or spacecraft can gather information and send it back to earth.

Where is the Clutch master cylinder reservoir located on your 1993 probe gt?

Drivers side, near the brake master cylinder, Look for a cap that screws on.