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How do you remove the console of a 1987 Olds Calais so you can ret the factory stereo out?


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I have an 87 Calais automatic with a floor shifter. The console doesn't have to come out. The bezel around the radio snaps into the lower dash with 4 clips. Carefully pry out the bezel and then you'll be able to get to the mounts for the radio. I have pictures of the dash with the radio removed if it will help. E-mail if you want to see them.

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Remove the retaining cover from your factory stereo. Remove the factory stereo retaining bolts. Slide the factory stereo out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the factory stereo.

Remove the 2002 Dodge Durango factory stereo decorative cover. Remove the factory stereo retaining screws. Pull the factory stereo out. Remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the stereo.

How to remove factory stereo from 2001 honda civic?

you have to remove the front console. take out the ash trey. and remove all the screws around the trim of the area of the stereo and then slid the stereo out and un hook all connections. if you get a new stereo it should have more detailed instructions

To remove the factory stereo on 1996 dodge ram 1500 you need to pop the hood on the Ram and remove the ashtray. Slide the stereo out of the dash and unplug the cables from the back of the stereo.

Remove the decorative stereo retaining cover. Remove the stereo retaining screws. Slide the stereo out and remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable.

To remove the stereo off of a 1999 Honda Civic loosen all of the mounting screws for the center console. Pull out the console is loosen the stereo mounting screws. With everything off pull the stereo and unplug the radio.

Factory stereos in a 1998 Hyundai is held in place by a mounting bracket found inside the center console. Remove the center console to reach the mounting bracket. Loosen the mounting screws and pull the radio forward. Pull the radio harness from the cabin wire harness and remove the radio.

in most cases removing the stereo from a civic involves taking off two nuts underneath the factory head unit, you should be able to reach behind the centre console and get at them

1) Start with the cup holder on the console. (Remove screws) 2)This should make the rest of the console pretty easy to start. But you will have to remove the gear shift knob. 3)Remove the console panel and start unpluging the stereo. (Don't forget which wires are which. 4) I just left the CD changer in the trunk. Can't realy do much with it. And I have been told that you can use a amp bypass crossover to use the factory amp.

remove the front console cover by pulling on it backwards. This is held by clips and the electronic connector at the back central portion. Be careful not to break the console cover Disconnect the wires that is connected to this console to remove it entirely. Remove the metal screws that holds the stereo pull it out and disconnect all the harnesses behind it.

You need to remove the wiring harness of the stereo and pull it out. It is fairly easy to replace this with something more advanced.

In the center console, ( if you have a computer readout system be carefull) gently pull the trim cover off, it just snaps in place, once removed, there will be 2 bolts at the bottom of the stereo, remove tham and the stereo slides out. If you plan to put in an after market radio, be sure it is the same size as the original, or you will have to purchase a mounting kit for it, also you will need a wiring harness to attach to the new aftermarket stereo so it will plug into the original stereo wiring for the car.

A 2007 Chevy Avalanche will only have an external factory amplifier if it is equipped with a Bose stereo system. If there is a factory amp included, it will be underneath the center console.

You have to unscrew the center console and work your way up.

first you need to remove the centre dash console - ther are screws at the bottom, remove these, and remove knobs from the heater etc. pull the console out at the bottom and work your way up - will need to pull quite hard. disconnect the light, and hazard button at the back of the centre console when its removed, pull the airvent tunnel out without letting it fall apart from the console (really difficult to reassemble), remove the screws from the stereo brakcets, keep the brackets, remove stereo and disconnect lead and aerial at back - go to shop by universal conenctor for your corolla. get new stereo - fit to universal connector - to car, insert aerial - remount brakcets to new stereo - fit and reconnect all wires etc for light and buttons. push console back in and re-attach screws - your done

go to0 a stereo shop and buy one and have it installed go to0 a stereo shop and buy one and have it installed

put the parking brake in, then put the truck in 1st gear pop the dash cover off and then remove bolts from stereo.

Simply remove the stereo from the console and put a new one in. I suggest pioneer, and replace the speakers while you are at it too. There is a special tool for removing stereos from Ford cars. They are very simple tools, are inexpensive, and available at most parts stores. Removal instructions come with the tool.

view website

To remove a stock stereo, you will first need to remove the bezel from the stereo. Then, pull the stereo out of the dashboard and remove the wiring harness.

TAke off the panel that surrongs the stereo - then you'll see 4 bolts/screws holding the stereo once these are removed stereo slides out easily.

To remove the factory radio from a 1986 Jaguar XJS, remove all climate control knobs from the dashboard and remove the rings that surround the climate control knobs. Pull away the plastic that surrounds the stereo head unit and unscrew the four screws on either side of the stereo head.

is there 2 holes on each side of the radio : : like that

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