How do you remove the crankshaft pulley on a 1989 Honda civic?

yes hi, removing the crankshaft pulley from the engine is not an easy task.

firstly you have to remove the flywheel cover plate, this is fixed by 4 bolts, then you have to jam a large screwdriver or similar type tool into the flywheel teeth, thus jamming the engine from turning.

using a 17mm socket and a large power bar you unscrew the main bolt that affixes the pulley in place, sometimes it can help if you have a helper to jam the flywheel.

DO NOT, try to jam the crankshaft pulley as it is fragile and will break.

Hope this all helps

Additional information: the best way to remove the crank shaft pulley is the following:

1: Remove a spark plug and insert a section of rope into the cylinder leaving some of the rope outside so that you will be able to remove the rope once you have completed the removal and reinstallion of the new pulley. The reason you are placing rope into the cylinder is to allow the piston to compress on to the rope thus keeping the crank shaft from spining while you attemp to remove the bolt on the pulley.

2. The bolt which has been installed to 134 ft/lbs is removed by turning the bolt counter clock-wise.

3. Assuming you are removing the pulley because when the engine is running the pulley is not spinning the pulley will come off very easy once you have remove the bolt. If not you will want to use a tool to remove the pulley. Be array that the key is intergrated into the pulley so if it has been sheered off you will need to replace the pulley.