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How do you remove the cup holder ashtray on a 2001 Ford Windstar?

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2015-07-15 20:51:46
2015-07-15 20:51:46

If the cupholder on the 2002 Windstar is the same as the 2001 then there is a small plastic clip on the top of the cupholder that locks in a groove when the cupholder is in the out position. Push the clip down with a small screwdriver and pull the cupholder out. (This works on a 1998 Windstar, also.)

If you don't have to remove the housing for the cupholder et al, You can remove just the sliding part by reaching under it when its open and there is a small tang that you have to push down (towards the floor) and it will slide out Remove the center console (4 plastic screws. remove the center instrument panel trim (snaps off, but be careful not to break it.) remove 2 ashtray mounting bolts on the front (behind the trim you removed) open the ashtray to expose 2 mounting bolts under the ashtray, remove the light tray light (from underneath, it snaps off, and pull the ashtray ouy the front. (Sounds a lot harder than it is.

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Start with the 2 7mm screws that are on either side of the cup-holder / ashtray.I'm suspecting that particular trim piece with come away with some gentle, but persistent pulling, prying & cussing.

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I cannot find how to remove the cup holder from the dash of my 2001 Pontiac Montana

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I just changed the ashtray light in my 2000 Windstar LX. It is probably similar. Open the ashtray. Take a regular screwdriver and insert it between the top of the ashtray and the dash board in the center of the ashtray. There is a latch hidden there. Lift the screwdriver handle, which will press down on the latch. Then simply pull out the ashtray. It will be connected by the wires for the light. You can either disconnect the wires or carefully turn over the ashtray. When you turn it over you will see the light assembly attached to the wires. It snaps out of the ashtray. Then you can remove the light from the assembly by releasing the latches of both sides of the assembly. Then the light pulls straight out. Putting it back together is a little tricky. Once you have the new light installed and the light assembly put back together you need to reinstall the light assembly. This is a bit of trouble. Perhaps putting a piece of scotch tape around the assembly will help to get it aligned. It snaps back into place. Reconnect the wires if necessary and reinsert the ashtray.

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