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How do you remove the dash board to install a CD player in a 1994 Ford Explorer?


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2015-07-15 19:37:38
2015-07-15 19:37:38

Should be little holes in the face of your factory deck... you can go buy the special little tools to put into these holes and the deck will slide out.


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I need an answer to my question. how do you remove the dashboard to install CD player in a 2002 ford explorer. thank you.

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You have to take off the whole dash board to get to the center console!

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Yes, the ledger should have the best mounting area you can give it.

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The king is never removed from the board. He is simply checkmated and the game is over. A player can resign by tipping his king over, but it stays on the board

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On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The toe board is the angled piece between the floor and the firewall in front of the driver and the front passenger

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