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How do you remove the dashboard in a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am?


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2004-12-23 04:58:41
2004-12-23 04:58:41

The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, or book store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.


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i believe the heater motor is locted under the hood on the fire wall on the passengers side,no need to remove the dash

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The Fuse Box on a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville is located under the dashboard of the driver side of the car

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Yes, a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am does have a timing belt. Diagrams can be found of them on the internet with a simple search.Ê

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with a screw driver it would help not hard to do use the brain

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