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Answer:Remove the lower knee-bolster panel from the driver side by removing the coin pocket from the left side of the dash, to access the Philips screw behind it. The bolster panel will then just pull off. A metal access panel behind that panel is removable with 10mm bolts.

Remove the glove box door by turning the two large plastic 'screws' in each side of it. This allows the door to open all the way down. Disconnect the 'shock absorber', using a flat blade screwdriver. Remove screws from the hinge to remove the door.

Remove the rear half of the center console by opening the lid, and removing the contents. Remove small rectangular panel from bottom, and two screws beneath it. Open the drink holder, pull straight up on the lid to lift it out. Access more screws beneath it. Pull the parking brake lever to 'on'. Turn key on, (don't start the engine), shift automatic transmission selector to neutral, remove Philips screw from side of shifter knob, being careful not to launch the spring for the safety button. Remove shift knob. Lift rear end of console up to remove.

Remove the ashtray from the lower front half of the console, and remove one screw behind it. Remove the ashtray from the center console, and remove one screw from behind it. Remove radio/CD player, or storage pocket. Remove screws pointing up into the heat/AC controls, these are accessed through the radio opening. (Instrument cluster is not removable unless these screws are removed first!) Remove screws from both sides of the front half of the console where they attach it to the dash (these were covered by the first two panels removed). Unplug cigarette lighter and clock wiring from console, lift the console up and back to remove it. Remove the screws from the black plastic shifter bezel.

Using finger from underneath, push dash light dimmer switch forward, unplug and remove. Remove rear defroster switch the same way, and remove screw behind it. Remove two screws from top edge of instrument cluster bezel. Carefully remove bezel. Remove four screws from the tabs in the instrument cluster. Tilt the cluster forward, use screwdriver or scratch awl to unplug wire connectors. Carefully maneuver cluster out.

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Q: How do you remove the dashboard on a 1994 Honda Accord?
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