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This vehicle will still be in warranty,if you have a problem,vauxhall should sort it.You could void the warranty if you start delving into it for any reason.If you should be thinking of a speaker upgrade,suggest you have a I.C.E specialist do it.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-21 12:21:20
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Q: How do you remove the dashboard on a Vauxhall corsa 55 plate?
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Vauxhall corsa 57 plate where is the OBD connector?

You should look around at the whole package to get the OBD connector for Vauxhall Corsa 57 plate.

How do you change a sidelight bulb on a 53 plate vauxhall corsa?

How do you change a sidelight bulb on a 53 plate corsa

Does a vauxhall corsa 2008 plate have a fuel filter?

Yes, it does.

How often should you change the cam belt on a vauxhall corsa 02 plate?

Every 75000km`s

Where is outside air temperature sensor on vauxhall corsa 2003?

its in the front grill under the number plate

Does your vauxhall corsa 56 plate have a usb port?

No, it may have an auxiliary input but only on certain models.

Has the Vauxhall corsa 56 plate had any recalls or faults?

How long is a piece of string question.Ring a Vauxhall dealer, give them the Registration plate, and ask them to check the vehicle on CIS. (they will know what CIS is!!)Out of the thousands of 56 plate Corsa's made you can bet that one or two probably have the odd fault or recall.

What grade of oil goes in a vauxhall corsa 1.2 club 52 plate?

10w40 semi/part synthetic

Is there a sump gasgket on a vauxhall corsa 1.7di gls--03 plate--or do you just need a tube of sealant?

Phone a Vauxhall dealer, quote the vehicles registration or chassis number, and ask.

Has the vauxhall corsa 05 plate been recalled for timing chain?

some had a recall , if its noisy get it done , mine snapped at 44000 miles

How do you remove front seats in a Vauxhall combo van?

I need to remove the front seat to my Vauxhall combo van to replace the seat belt clip, the is Van on an N Plate it's a Vauxhall COMBO 1.7. Many Thanks

How do you remove dashboard to replace bulb on your 51 plate clio?

To remove the dashboard and replace the bulb on a 51 Plate Clio, first remove the two screws on the trim panel. Then remove the instrument cluster and gently pull off the bulb. Replace with new.?æ?æ

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