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How do you remove the distributor pick up coil?


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2015-07-15 19:56:59
2015-07-15 19:56:59

Can be done with the distributor installed-the reluctor is held on by a roll pin that runs the length of it. Usually you can remove the reluctor with a couple of screwdrivers or a battery terminal puller. A few other clips and the pickup assembly comes right off....

Good luck with the rest of it


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Yes you do. You have to take the distributor shaft out of the distributor to Remove the pick-up coil / stator.

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if the coil is on the distributor cap,remove cover then disconnect wires from the coil and remove coil. if coil is on engine then loosen the bolt and remove from coil mount

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Remove Distributor,remove drive gear,remove shaft,remove pickup coil.

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you must remove the distributor, disassemble unit and replace pick up coil

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Most Likely The Pick Up Coil , U Will Have to Remove The Distributor And Disassemble to replace the pick up coil.

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