How do you remove the door panel of a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Hello there,

First thing's first, use a large flathead screwdriver with a washcloth or rag, so you don't damage the vinyl, or whatever material you have. Now, start on the door release handle, if it needs to come off, there should be a screw in the middle. If not, then use the flathead with cloth to pry, slowly, aroung the ridge of the handle casing. It should snap off. The door panel should react the same way. Start at the bottom of the door. The panel should start snapping out as you run the screwdriver between it and the door frame. Use caution, though, because the panel is easily damaged. Once you completely un-snap all of the "bolts", the panel should slide strait up. Pull out on the bottom as you slide the panel up. The only thing holding it down now would be the ridge at the top where the window slides into, or maybe the plastic that covers the side mirror from the inside. Hope this helps. -Matt