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How do you remove the door panel on the 1996 XJ6 to get to the speakers?

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September 13, 2011 6:21AM

Removing the door panel is easy:

With a small screw driver remover the small square plastic plate found in the inside door handle recess. Remove the small Phillips screw found there, you can now remove the black plastic recessed shield. This will release tension on the wood trim. Gently lift the wood trim piece and slide it forward you will see that it is held on by two clips. This will reveal two screws remove them enabling you to lift off the top trim piece. Next remove the small plastic disc on the top of the arm rest (grasp) beneath it there is a Phillips screw(large). Remove the small plastic shield on the lower portion of the arm rest and the Phillips screw there. Next remove the screw holding the lower trim piece to the door found on the top edge of this panel I believe it is brass colored. Now with a door panel remover found at any good parts store ($3.00 - $4.00)or carefully use a small flat screw driver release the perimeter sides and bottom of the door panel. With the door panel loose lift up and ten pull off the panel. It is important to lift up the panel before pulling off as there is a spring clip which goes to a plastic clip which is slotted in the door. Simply pulling could damage the plastic clip. Once off, remove the electrical connectors and perform the maintenance which required removing the panel. before reattaching remove the plastic piece from the metal spring clip mentioned earlier and slide the plastic retainer back in the slot on the door. You will see that when re assembling that you will need to position the lower panel and force the spring clip back into the plastic piece.everything is just the reverse.Mike OConnor