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They kinda just pull offDoor panels are held in with clips in the door and 1 or two screws. On the neon doors there are two screws - one in the hand hold cup (it might be covered by a black square piece of plastic - it just pops out) and the other near the front.

Once the screws are removed take a flathead screwdriver and carefully pry the edge of the door far enough away to get your fingers under it. Get both hands under and evenly and firmly pull away from the door (hold the door so it doesn't come flying at you). You should hear popping as the clips release from the metal part of the door. Do this all the way around the edge of the door.

Note: Manual windows - if you have manual windows you need to first remove the manual window cranks. Most auto parts stores sell a 'window crank removal tool' that you use to slide in between the crank and the door and remove the c-clamp that holds the crank in place. A carefully pulled shop rag will accomplish the same by passing it through back and forth and catching the clip, freeing the crank. I do not believe neons have rear power windows.

Note: Door locks - power or manual door locks you have a rod connecting from the door to the door panel to control the door lock button. One of these clips on and swivels, the other just plugs in. Be careful removing these clips. one will pull up, swivel over, and then the metal rod will come out. The other the rod will simply pull out of.

Good luck! I've taken all four doors apart and installed my own power options. It was a pain but worth it in the end! The neon is one of the easier cars to disassemble.

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Q: How do you remove the door panels on a 2004 Dodge Neon?
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