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How do you remove the door panels to install speakers?


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Please be more specific when asking a quesiton like model/year. Most of the time its simply removing screws and the panel should slide off either up or down. Many times screws are hidden underneath some weather stripping or being panels where you have to lightly pry off with a screwdriver.


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1.- remove the doors panels 2.- remove the old factory speakers

Remove the door panels and replace the speakers. They sit in baskets and are simple to replace. We have instructions at our enthusiasts forum.

To replace the front speakers in a Toyota Sienna the door panels must first be removed. With the door panels removed the speakers will be easily accessible and the mounting screws can be loosen. Unplug the speakers and remove them. Install the new speakers.

How do I remove the front door panels on a 1996 Infiniti G-20. I am trying to install new speakers

If your talking about the door speakers then you will have to remove the door panels to get to the speakers.

Remove the door panels and unscrew the grills, then unscrew the speakers

Remove door panels.. Unscrew old speakers..Screw in new speakers..replace door panels...ready 2 GO..

Contact your local auto stereo shop and inquire as to which size speakers you need for your doors. Take off panels and remove old speakers. Install new speakers, do a sound check, reattach door panel

There is a clip on the back side of the window crank that you have to take off, then take the door panel off.

You don't need to remove front door panels, the speaker grills come out.

Go to the Crutchfield website- they have instructions for most vehicles about how to remove interior panels and door panels to do-it-yourselfers can install the parts they sell- great resource-

If the speakers are in the door panel then you must remove the door panel to install new speakers. You can only bypass removing the door panel if the speakers are located elsewhere.

I just need to figure out how to take my door panels off my car, 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse, so I can install some new speakers.

Remove the dash pad, then remove the speakers from the dash frame. For the rear speakers, open the trunk and remove the brackets, that hold the speakers in place. not for the back speakers have to remove the lower rear seat then remove the seat belts then the rear seat back then remove the header panels in the back seat then remove the deck cover ..the rear speakers are bolted in from the top down under the rear deck cover....and the front speakers i believe are mounted in the door panels in the front doors have to remove the door panels to remove them .some do have them in the dash also if they are there u do as the person stated before me.

You first need to disconnect your battery cable, which will disengage your air bag system. You install the speakers in the side door panels.

Remove speaker grill covers on dash to expose tweeters then remove door panels and you will se the rest of speakers

the rear speakers are located in the back doors. you have to remove the door panels to get at them.

first, take the door panels off. next, there are four screws you have to remove. after that the speakers can be removed from the door, do not forget to disconnect the wiring harness from the speaker.

Remove the speaker covers from your 1997 Mercury. Remove the door speaker retaining screws. Remove the door speaker wiring harness. Reverse the process to install your new door speakers.

To change the front speakers, you will have to remove the door panels to expose the speakers. Once exposed, unhook them by disconnecting all the wires.

remove a couple screws and carefully lift up and then out with it.


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