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get an "ID" (that is Inside Diameter) pipe wrench. they are available at most good hardware stores. this will allow you to turn the flange from the inside.

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What causes a toliet to overflow over the flange?

If leaking at toilet flange, wax ring needs replaced.

Why is the toilet not sataying in place?

Broken toilet flange. Toilet flange bolts may be loose.

How do you remove the broken closet flange from inside an ABS black pipe or is there an adapter that would fix the outside of the pipe?

What is actually broken the flnge ring rusted out and broke or the abs pipe? Abs pipe/flange broken: Use a ram bit to cut it out and install a new one. use a compression or expansion flange or just cut the pipe and put in a new one Flange ring rusted/broken: install a toilet flange repair ring or a spanner flange.

What are flange valves and why are they useful?

flange valves are useful because lets say in your sink the faucet is leaking you can use the flange valve to stop the water and repair the sink without having to turn the water for your whole house off.

Could an unleveled toilet flange be the cause for a toilet leaking water from the tank?

An "unlevel" toilet flange might be a little difficult for a wax ring to seal, but could not in any way be responsible for a tank leak. If the tank is leaking between the tank and bowl, remove the tank, check the tank itself for a crack or defect, then check the flange gasket and tank bolts and gaskets. How do you know your flange is unlevel?

Do you need to chip away some cement to place a toilet flange correctly in a basement on a cement floor?

Most likely not, depending on the type of pipe you can find an inside flange to fit.

Does the toilet flange need to bolted to the floor?

It needs to be bolted to prevent liquid and gases from leaking into the room.

How do you remove the broken closet flange from a cast iron drain pipe?

I removed the broken flange by perforating the lead filling between the drain pipe and the flange - i.e., drilling holes every 1/4-1/2 inch or so with a regular drill and then sawing through the filling with a power saber saw. Then pried the flange off with a pry bar. Wasn't as bad as I expected. - Dan

What is the best thing to do if a toilet flange is broken on one side due to over tightening?

Replace it

In an older house if you have the metal pipe for the toilet without a flange in the basement can you split the pipe and add the flange to use it for a sink drain too?

Install a ty fitting on the stack in the basement then run it to the sink. Put it low enough to account for a fall in the pipe, to allow proper drainage. Be sure to install a waste and vent pipe to code for both fixtures.

How do you fix a kitchen sink soap dispenser that is leaking soap around the flange?

Usually a leak at the flange means a crack in the neck of bottle. It may be more cost effective to just fit a new one. About $15 in HD.

How do you repair a broken ABS toilet flange in a concrete basement floor?

The flange is there mainly to anchor the toilet to the floor. There is a replacement or repair ring available to fix this kind of problem. They are either brass or steel. Cut the rest of the ABS flange off flush with the floor and install the new ring by screwing it down to the floor with either concrete plugs and screws or there are screws available that will screw directly into the concrete. Make sure the new ring is in the right place so that the slots for the toilet anchor bolts are on the sides of the hole.

How do you repair toilet bowl mounting flange?

depending on your type of flange and pipe and the damage of the flange, if you have a PVC flange with just the bolt slots busted then you can screw in new bolts to the floor below the flange and still use the flange but if its broken where the wax seal sits then if your flange is lower then the floor you can use a insert flange that fits inside your old toilet flange with thin walls to keep the pipe size maximum. To replace the entire flange can be a job especially if its in concrete or in a floor joist because most of the time you have no room and if its cast iron pipe it can be even more of headache but in order to replace the flange you need to cut it out to where you can reconnect the pipe and flange by using a fernco or a no hub band. Sometimes it is impossible to replace because the flange can be on all close fittings and you pretty much have to replace most of the plumbing drain pipe to replace it properly which is why you want to try repairing your toilet flange rather then replacing it .

Must you remove the exhaust manifold to get a broken bolt out of the flange that connects to the engine?

The broken bolt can be blown out by someone who knows how to use a torch - muffler-shop

How do you replace a toilet flange?

If only the top part where the bolts go into is broken, you can use a compression retro flange that will slide into the existing 4" cast iron. This will go right over the old one. If this makes it to high, cut the top of the old flange off and use the compression.

Why is exhaust leaking into cab on 1979 Bronco when it has no wholes in exhaust?

I would check the Flange gasket. It is the gasket that sits between your exaust manifold and your exaust pipes

When installing a closet flange in a basement do you need to bust up the concrete around the pipe or can you use tap-cons to fasten it to the floor?

You can use tap-cons.

What is SOFF flange?

Slip-On Flat Face Flange. It means the face of the flange, the surface the physically touches the next flange is flat as opposed to raised (SORF Flange)

Whats wrong with my 2000 chrysler Concorde if its Leaking coolant at drain hole under coolant hose flange?

If it is leaking next to where the lower radiator hose attaches to the engine, the water pump has failed. That hole is the water pump weep hole.

To attach a PVC closet flange to a pipe in a basement floor is it sufficient to glue the flange to the pipe or should it be bolted to the concrete?

I know that it is usually suffcient to just glue it,just make sure your mesurements are on point, but if you must be anal use sheilds and screw. Either or. joe hojas

Is companion flange same as threaded flange?


How do you fit WNRF flange onto an RTJ flange?

Not. There's no way to connect a WNF to an RTJ flange.

What is a RFFE flange?

Raised face flange end

What is a counter flange and how is it different from a normal flange?

The term"counter flange" is used in Europe to refer to a mating flange to make up a flange pair. For example a "counter flange" attached to a pipe must have the same bolt circle diameter, number of bolts, and size of bolts and pressure rating at the equipment nozzle flange provided by an equipment manufacturer.

What if a toilet flange will not fit in the drain pipe?

Then you need to get either a bigger floor flange, or a toilet with a smaller flange.