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if it has power seats first unlug wire under rear of sear then remove the four bolts two at the rear and two at the front of the seat should be ready to come out of vehicle

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Q: How do you remove the driver's seat of a 1994 explorer?
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Will the drivers seat from a 1997 explorer fir in a 1994 explorer?

no there different

Where is the memory seat module located on a 1994 Ford Explorer Limited?

it is located under the drivers side seat

How do you replace the female part of seat belt drivers side 97 ford explorer?

How do I remove the female seat belt assembly on a 97 ford exploer?

How do you access the battery under drivers seat in Mercedes 508D?

Remove seat!

How do you remove drivers seat on 2001 VW beetle?

Remove we beetle seats

How do you get to the batterey on a kawasaki teryx?

Remove drivers seat by lifting tab on front of seat.

Where is the cargo bed 1994 explorer?

The area behind the rear seat

How do you move the drivers seat back and forth on a 1993 ford explorer manually?

There is a lever under the seat at the front edge.

How do you remove seat from Kawasaki vulcan?

remove the passenger pad first, when removed it uncovers screws on the rear of the drivers seat. Remove these and it comes off.

What size of rench to remove drivers seat?

the size that fits...

Will the drivers seat from a 1993 Camaro fit a 1994 Camaro?


How do you remove the drivers seat on a 2000 expedition?

There are 4 mounting bolds that hold the seat to the floor. Remove them. Pay attention to any wiring attach to the seat.

How do you remove the drivers seat 98 Malibo?

there should be 4 bolts that hold the seat to the floor. just remove them and if it has power seat dont forget to unplug them.

How to Remove drivers seat on L300?

Remove the four bolts that secure the chair. Tilt the seat forward using a lever. Hold the chair from the back and remove it.

How do you remove 2001 ford windstar drivers seat cusion?


How do you replace your seat belt on a 99 Ford Explorer?

'96 Explorer Seat Belt Replacement order to replace the driver side seat belt on a '96 Explorer, you must completely remove the drivers seat. Removing driver side seat belt: Use a 10mm socket/wrench to remove the two bolts securing the front of the seat to the floor. Move the seat as close to the steering wheel as possible to expose the rear of the sliding seat rails. Pop off the two covers at the end of each rail to expose two more 10mm bolts securing the seat to the floor. Next, remove the plastic cover with a Torx symbol on it at the rear of the seat belt guide rail. Removing the aforementioned cover will allow access to a large Torx bolt just below the rear of the center console. Remove this large Torx bolt, unplug any electrical wires below the seat, and remove the entire seat from the Explorer. With the seat out, you can use the same Torx wrench to unscrew the seat belt itself from the seat. Reassembly is the opposite of disassembly.

Were is the Fuse for 2003 explorer power seat?

on a 2003 Ford Explorer ( 4 door ) in the fuse panel below the dash on the drivers side , fuse # 1 is a 30 amp fuse for the driver power seat , memory seat module

How do you get to battery under seat in ford transit?

slide drivers seat right forward and remove plastic covering

Is it possible to add a third row seat to a 1994 Ford Explorer?

It's not designed to have a third row seat , that wasn't available until the 2002 four door Ford Explorer

How to remove the upper back seat from a 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

First you remove the lower back seat, and the bolts that secure the upper will be exposed. Remove them and lift out upper back seat.

Unable to remove battery in Renault Megane Scenic 'T Reg'?

Is it the location of the battery,If it is, its under the drivers seat. The drivers seat tilts to reveal the battery.

Where is the second heater core in a 1991 ford aerostar located - is the heater system a loop system?

remove the bench seat behind the drivers seat. remove the service panel from the interior panel on the drivers side.

How do you remove a seat from a 1995 Suzuki Savage LS650?

i own a 87 suzuki savage i would expect it is the same steps there is two screws that hold the seat on there located towards the rear of the drivers seat not the passengers seat after removeing the two screws the seat should lift free there is one screw under the drivers seat that holdes the passenger seat on remove that and push the passenger seat forward and lift

How do you remove the battery from a 1994 BMW 740i?

Under the back seat

How do you remove the front drivers seat on a 1995 jaguar xjs?

Move seat back, remove bolts at the front of the chair slide rails. Then move the seat forward and remove the bolts at the rear of the seat slide rails. Disconnect control connections (Lumbar, heater etc)