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Remove the nuts! They are on the lower metal frame the seat

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โˆ™ 2007-02-28 01:35:24
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Q: How do you remove the driver's seat on a 1998 Toyota 4Runner?
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How do you remove the starter from a 1998 Toyota 4runner 4 cylinder?

The starter on a 1998 Toyota 4runner is held located on the transmission housing. The starter is held on by 2 bolts which mount it directly it the engine. Remove the two bolts to replace the starter.

Is a rear end 1998 toyota4runner will fit in a 2002?

Is a rear end1998 Toyota 4runner will fit in a2002 Toyota 4runner/

How do you remove the starter on a 1998 Toyota 4Runner 4WD v6?

Here is a web site that I saw that will help you on removing and replacing the starter on a 1999 Toyota 4Runner:

Where can I buy a used Toyota 4runner 1998?

Auto is a great place to look for used vehicles. I bet they have tons of Toyota 4runner for sell.

How many quarts of oil does your 1998 Toyota 4runner need?


Where is the obd port on a 1998 4Runner?

The 1998 Toyota 4runner OBD 2 port is under driver side dash left of steering column

Spark plug gap for 1998 Toyota 4Runner?

could you tell me what is the spark plug gap for toyota 4 runner 1998

How much psi to inflate in Toyota 1998 4runner sr5?

32, to 35psi

Why does your 1998 Toyota 4Runner shake on cold start up?

because its cold

How do you change headlights on a 1998 Toyota 4runner limited?

take it and the headlights to a dealer

Where is the throttle position sensor on a 1998 Toyota 4 Runner?

where is the throttle position sensor on a 1998 Toyota 4runner???? can any one help???

In 1998 Toyota 4Runner antenna motor runs but antenna permanently up how can you shut it off?

What kind of Toyota?

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