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It's always helpful to know what specific car a question is about.

You probably don't really mean "lens" and instead are referring to the lamp assembly. The lamp assimply includes the lens, the light box, some reflectors and connectors, and so on.

There might be a fasterner that you're missing. Removing it may let the assembly free.

You might find that the light is actually free, but held into the body by a gasket.

Or, that the assembly is being pinched into the body by surrounding parts that have shifted or moved. Caked-on wax and dirt might be keeping the assembly in place, too.

The best bet is to get a body manual for your car, or consult a friend who has more experience with the car in question.

If you can share some specific information about the year and model of car in question, it'll be easier to answer your question.

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Q: How do you remove the driver's side tail light lens after removing the 2 visible torx screws?
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