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How do you remove the driver side door panel on a 1997 GMC Yukon?


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Remove all visible screws,pull the bottom of the panel out and lift straight up once the door handle is cleared. I just did this on my 97 Yukon, my door latch was bad. To remove the panel, it is held on by plastic pins behind the panel and two screws in the pull to shut the door, take out the two screws. then find the easiest spot to pry to panel away from the metal door. A bright light is helpful to see the pins here. a long flat tip screwdriver may "pop" the pins off the panel one at a time. If you can lift the panel, as the other poster suggests, this process may be quick. The handle is in the way of just lifting straight up so it was easier for me just to pop one pin at a time. The panel is only hooked on the window sill and can just be lift up and off. The panel can be removed this way but you don't gain access to much once it's out of the way. There are also the wires to the controls for the windows and doors to pop loose from the door panel but it's clear which latches (4) to release to get the controls off the panel. There is a steel cover over the opening into the door.