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How do you remove the driver side door panel on the 1999 Honda Crv?

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2008-07-16 14:21:31

I just did this on my wife's car, and want the next person who

comes along to have an easier time.

First, you'll want to make sure you have the proper tools:

# Phillips screwdriver # Flat-head screwdriver # Trim remover

tool (looks like a fork - useful for popping out the snap-in clips

without breaking them) First, remove the speaker cover. There's a

slot at the bottom of the speaker cover that allows you to use a

flat-head screwdriver to pry out. Inside, there are six

phillips-head screws. Three hold the speaker to the door panel, and

three hold this corner of the panel to the door. Remove them all,

and disconnect the speaker.

Next, remove the three screws that hold the armrest. Be gentle

with the armrest after removing these screws. Remove the screw

behind the door handle. Now, look at the bottom of the door panel.

There should be three clips towards the back of the door. Pull the

door panel away from the door GENTLY to see where they are, and use

the trim remover tool to pop out the clips.

Now comes the tricky part. First, you'll want to lock the door

(while it's open) to make the door lock post (the little post that

goes down when you lock the door) easier to navigate around. The

door handle and lock button should slide forward about 1/2" (1-2cm

for you metric folks). You should feel it come loose. Starting at

the back of the panel, lift the panel up and forward, being careful

to navigate around the door lock post. You may want to GENTLY help

this process by prying up on the top, where the panel meets the


Once the panel is mostly free, you'll still have the lock button

and door handle to deal with. There is a plastic clip that will

spin to free the door handle from the pull-rod. Spin this clockwise

to unlock it, then slide it up and out. Unclip the electrical

connector for the door lock button, and that should be it!

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