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How do you remove the drivers side door cover to see why you can't open the door on your 1988 Mazda 626?


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September 13, 2011 6:21AM

Door handle replacement MX6

The door is held on by nylon "Christmas Tree clips" at the front, bottom and rear edges and Phillips head screws in the door pull and handle as well as one screw in the carpeted area about two inches up and two inches in from the lower rear edge. One of the screws in the door pull has a plug covering it which can be easily pried out to reveal the screw. Remove all of the screws and pry the bottom, front and rear edges loose. lift up on the panel to free it from the window sill and let it hang or remove the wires for the power window and courtesy lights. The outside handle (which is probably broken) is removed by freeing the actuating rods from their nylon clips, and removing the lock cylinder (there is a circular clip holding in the cylinder which needs to be freed by prying with something like an icepick)and finally removing the two 10mm nuts holding in the handle. This all sounds complex, but will only take about 15 minutes once you get the hang of it.