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How do you remove the factory CD player and replace with aftermarket CD player in a 2000 Buick Lesabre?

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2011-09-13 06:21:53

take off the dash then you need to unscrew the CD player and

pull out the wire. (make sure that you have the harness for the new

CD player and for the car.) splice the old wires and reatach them

with the new harness wires,(they should be color coded and matched)

then plug the new car adapter harness into the harness for the CD

player. After all that, plug your antenna adapter into the back of

the CD player and then screw everything back in. Note that you

might need the dash installation kit, because usually the CD

players are smaller than the stock players. -Shocker

"CD_player_install" id="CD_player_install">CD player


in my Buick, i had to take apart part of the dash and unscrew 4

bolts holding in the stock CD player. and then you have to have an

antenna adapter, dash kit, and a factory harness which you can get

for pretty cheap. and then you just use the instructions that came

with the factory harness and CD player, done. :D

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