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Start all the way at the bottom... Remove the cover around the shifter... Easy no screws... The take of the center knob and remove screw... Then gently pull from bottom... I helped it along with a flat screw driver.. Pull bottom first then top... Next remove the 4 bolts under the radio... Two up front and two deep... Then pull radio out... the vents will come with it... again help it along with screw driver in both bottom corners... Good luck

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:14:52
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Q: How do you remove the factory radio from a 1992 Corolla?
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i just tried this yesterday. i think you have to take the dash assembly apart (2 big pieces, and about 8 screws)

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You have to remove the center dash panel to get access to the bolts, screws.

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the factory radio is bad on the inside or speaker ohm load is different are your speakers aftermarket?

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