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On my 94 ranger I used a strap wrench to hold the pulley while I loosened the nut with a large crescent wrench. A strap wrench looks looks like a big rubber chunk of serpentine belt attached to a plastic handle. Sears sells them for about $20. If you position it just right you can wedge it against something while you use both hands to loosen the nut. Be patient and good luck. Robert

Check your local autoparts store for a Ford fan clutch wrench set from ProTools or somebody like that. The one I bought consists of two flat wrenches, a long one which fits the fan clutch hub and the another which is about 2-1/2 inches and which fits completely around the four pulley bolt heads to hold the pulley still. You may also need a breaker bar to extend the latter component. Note that this model fan clutch uses RIGHT-HAND threads, not L.H. as is perhaps more common.

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Why doesnt Clutch disengage when pedal is depressed on my 1970 VW bettle?

Clutch plates are sticking - get your clutch checked you might need a new one

Why does the clutch on oblivion in Alton towers don't work?

It doesnt work because oblivion has been running for a long time in alton towers and the clutch has now been over used so i doesnt work

Sometime when I come to a stop sign on my motorcycle 03 R6 and put the clutch in the bike doesnt idle and just dies Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

check oil level in your hydraulic clutch if you have a hydraulic clutch. If not and it is a cable clutch check and make sure your clutch is adjusted properly. It may not be disengaging when you pull the clutch lever.

Why doesnt a manual transmission go into neutral when the clutch pedal is fully pressed?

Probably do to a bad pressure plate and or clutch plate. I would first check linkage adjustment and slave cylinder before changing clutch.

How do ya adjust a clutch pack on a 84 shadow VT700c?

The clutch is non-adjustable. It uses hydraulic fluid to release the clutch. If you are experiencing a dragging clutch, check your plates for warpage. This bike uses a 'slipper' type clutch so having the correct plates in certain places is important. If you have not changed your plates and they are the originals, check that the clutch fluid doesnt have air in it.

My 97 Saturn goes in gear easily with or without pushing clutch down and then it doesnt go whats wrong?

You have no clutch left. May of worn to the point it's not grabing or the clutch face may have blown off all at once. If you dump the clutch to often it can go all at once.

If you are 18 do you have to get a drivers permit?

You do not have to, but its recommended. I have a family friend who is 21 and still doesnt have a permit or license

How do you know if you need a new clutch if the gears change all right and the clutch doesnt slip but you have loss of speed when you change into third gear or go uphill?

If the revs decrease as the speed decreases (in 3rd & uphill) then its not slipping, you don't need a new clutch, but if you are in any gear and the revs are increasing while the speed is decreasing, then the clutch is slipping.

Why do dirt bikes have a clutch?

they make it so the bike doesnt jerk around and stall when shifting gears and so you can shoot out of turns

How do you fit clutch cable vw 2001 golf gt tdi?

You don't it doesnt have a cable it's all hydraulic cylinders

What is the best fourwheeler clutch?

For fourwheelers it doesnt really matter what you have, it only matters if its a dirt bike because then break aways are a must

What causes a noise to stop when pressing in the clutch?

the front end load bearing or other bearing in the gearbox will be stuffed. when you engage the clutch the gearbox doesnt have any drive thru it so stops turning and then you noise stops.

What is OBD2 code P0645 on a 2000 Dodge Durango and why doesnt it appear in any of the common code lists?


What pokeball do you need to catch regice?

it doesnt matter what ball you use... ultra ball or master ball is recommended though

What brand of fondant is recommended?

Wilton is good doesnt taste the greatest and satin ice fondant is what cake boss uses

Where is the clutch cable located in a 1997 Hyundai Tiburon?

The 97 Tiburon doesnt have a clutch cable. It is hydrolic. Look on the right hand side of the motor directly on top of the transmission and you will see a cylinder about an inch and a half wide and 4 inches wide bolted down with 2 12mm bolts with a rod coming out of it that connects to a lever on the transmission. This is what controls your clutch!

What is the cause of manual transmission whine noise at idle and it disappear when fully depressing the clutch?

That noise is coming from your throw out bearing mate, the bearing that engages the pressure plate of your clutch, many vehicles make the noise, I have seen vehicles with a knew clutch put in and it still makes the noise, id doesnt effect the performance and is too big a problem to worry about.

How did you know if the clutch disc has a problem?

If the car judders as it pulls away but the problem goes away after a while the discs are contaminated with water.If the car judders as it pulls away always, its contaminated with oil, suspect a leaking engine seal/gland.if the car overrevs as it pulls away and there is a burning smell, the clutch is burnt out.If the car is in gear but doesnt pull away. The clutch is burnt out.If the car is a manual shift and it creeps if thebrake is off and the car is in gear and the clutch is engaged. Check the clutch adjustment.

Why doesnt cEntrifigal clutch work on 6.5 horsepower gokart?

We can't see this centrifugal clutch, so we would suggest YOU removing the cover and looking to see what has gone wrong. possibly the friction surfaces have worn down, or a spring could have broken or come loose.

What are the symthoms of a Nissan Qashqai burned clutch?

The symthoms are either the clutch bite is near or at the top of the pedal, car drives ,but engine revs high but the car doesnt go any faster, some times you r unable to select gears and normally you will have a burning smell.

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