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2003 Trailblazer FanShroud/Fan-ClutchSit down prepare yourself for more than you expected. The fan shroud literally wraps itself around the fan, so with that being said you have to remove the fan with the shroud. The fan is also connected to the fan clutch which will also have to come out with the fan and shroud.

Use a 10 MM wrench or socket and loosen the top two bolts holding the fan shroud.

There are two hooks on each side of the shroud that connect to two rubberized pads. Be sure to pull these away before attempting to lift the shroud out. They are located near the bottom close to the radiator.

Disconnect the fan clutch wiring connector located to the driver side near the top of the shroud.

Use a 12" crescent wrench or the correct size wrench (I used a crescent) to loosen the BIG nut on the backside of the fan. Auto zone will loan you a "fan clucth tool"if needed. The tool will hold two of the 13mm bolts holding the water pump pulley while you turn the BIG nut to loosen it up from the pump shaft. If you have an air chizel it will make this even easier. Just angle impact the chizel in very short bursts counter/clockwise on the BIG nut. Once the nut is loose it should spin off by hand. Remember no matter which way you do it you have to hold the water pump pulley stationary while you turn the BIG nut. There are four bolts holding the water pump pulley on. You may be able to hold one of these with a wrench and loosen the BIG nut. I had no such luck. The 13MM bolt would give before the BIG nut every time.

Remove the upper radiator hose from the radiator and strap it up with a small bungee or something similar.

There are two transmission cooler lines connected to the passenger side of the fan shroud. They are just clipped in and can be held back or unclipped as you lift. They are fairly close and don't flex very much so it won't be easy but it it is attainable.

That's it !!! Lift out all together and carefully so you don't damage the radiator.I suggest two people for the lift out. It does make it easier.

Ya so that doesn't work cause of the radiator neck is in the way.... without removing the radiator--(lots of extra work) I actually melted a notch (soldering iron did the trick) in the shroud large enough to remove it past the neck. I have had no ill affects leaving vhe notch there, but you may tape the cutout piece after if you need to. Ya not pretty, but it worked for me!!

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