How do you remove the filler pipe from the gas tank on a 1987 dodge omni?


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Its a bear of a job to do, hahaha. I've taken the filler tube off my '90 Dodge Omni, because I had to replace the gas tank. I'm pretty sure the tube is made of tin, so so don't worry if it kinda gives at the elbow when you're wrestling it out.

Anyway, take off the rear right wheel (the wheel under the gas cap) to make it easier to get to the tube. Loosen and take out the four screws that hold the top of filler tube. Now using some elbow grease (no pun intended) grab the filler tube close to where it meets the gas tank and pull it away from the tank. It will require some effort, but the tube should come out. If the tube bends a tad, don't worry, just make sure you have enough clearance between the tire and the filler tube when you put the tube back on.

What it all boils down to is just taking that wheel off, the top 4 screws holding it on, and wrestling it out.

And when you put a filler tube back in, put vaseline (or some kind of lubricant) on the gas tank end (the end which slides into the tank). Put that end into the tank first, and then try to line up the top of the tube with those four bolt holes from which we removed earlier. While you hold it there lined up the with the bolt holes, have an assistant screw in the two top bolts first. When he has those started, you should be able to let go and drive the other two bottom bolts in. Make sure there's enough clearance between the tube and the tire. If not, just push the bottom end of the tube more into the gas tank, even if it bends a little. Tighten everything up, put your wheel back on, and you should be good to go.


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