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Go to this website. It shows how to take off the door panel.

Find a thin yet hard tool of some sort, I used a putty knife to remove both of my door panels. Wrap your tool in masking or duct tape so you don't scratch paint. Starting at the bottom, work the knife in between the panel and the metal of the door. You'll find a small plastic button clips hold the bottom in place. Carefully pry the bottom lose, if you break the clips, they sell them at Auto Zone, but IT'S A HUGE HASSLE finding the right ones. Next take out all the Phillips head screws you find. Should be three of them if i recall. two large ones in the handle/armrest and one behind the door handle itself. Also don't miss the one up near the top-front if you don't have the factory Infinity tweeters. Once those are taken out continue w/ your putty knife carefully prying the panel off until all you have left connecting the door to the panel is the wiring and door latch bars. Those are removed by taking off the small ring clips on the door panel end of the bars. And the wiring if you have it is a simple wiring harness plug. There you have it, a naked Jeep door. I highly suggest putting Dynamat or some other sound deadening material between the panel and door before you replace it, makes a world of difference in the amount of road/tire noise.

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Q: How do you remove the front door driver side panel from a 4-door 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic?
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