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Answer - Door Trip Panel RemovalThere two interior door panel pieces. This first is plastic and it covers the door speaker. It is held in place by spring loaded retaining clips - remove it by carefully pulling out around the perimeter. The main (large) panel is held in place by screws and clips. You might want to disconnect the negative battery cable (to avoid short circuiting the power door locks, etc.). On manual window models, remove the crank by removing the plastic cover and then the screw. On manual doors also carefully pry off the square cover on the door handle. You will find two screws underneath it that need to be removed. On power windows models, remove the screw, pry out the control switch assembly and unplug it. You might be able to leave the switch in the door panel and simply unplug it later. Raise the carpet in the two lower corners of the door to remove two hidden screws. Remove another trim screw that was hidden under the plastic cover that you removed earlier. Now, carefully remove the courtesy light lens in the door panel and remove the screw under it. Finally, using a putty knife carefully pry around the panel to locate and release any spring clips. There are at least two - one bottom center and another near the door latch. Now remove the panel by first lifting up, then out. Be sure to carefully unplug any wiring harness connectors. (You wouldn't be replacing a power window motor/regulator, would you? Been there! Done that.)
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Q: How do you remove the front door panels on a 1991 Dodge Dynasty?
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