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See detailed instructions here (steps 1-7)...


I have replaced the regulators on all except the driver's side. Remove screws at bottom of panel & behind the door open handle (pry the plastic recessed cover off & the screw is then visible). Pry off the switch panel on the armrest. Remove screws on the switch assembly and unplug the wire connector. The door panel is removed by lifting it up & out. Carefully peel off the sheet plastic water barrier and save. The cable assembly has torx screws and rivets, the glass has rivets only and has to be removed. Drill out the rivets and remove the glass through the window opening(there is a guide strip that runs along the bottom of the window opening that lifts off) Unscrew the motor (3 torx screws) & pull it off the cable assy. The wires can remain attached and you can let it drop inside the door. Drill out the cable assy rivets and wiggle it out of the door cavity. Replace the cable assy then the glass and do everything above in reverse order, using care with glass. Replace the rivets with 1 inch and half inch hex head bolts and washers and nylon insert locking nuts. This job is not as difficult as it appears. With an electric drill and a socket wrench it can be done in 2 hours.

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