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QX4 - Removing the Front RotorYou need to remove the hub first. You remove the black cap. Once the cap is off you will see a snap ring on the axle splines. Remove that with snap ring pliers, then remove the six nuts around it. Then pull the plate off. This will expose the bearing nut lock ring which is held in by 2 tiny Phillips screws [you may need to wipe some of the grease away to see them]. Remove the lock ring then the bearing nut, it has 2 holes in it for a t-bar bearing nut tool. Once that nut is off you then pull the whole rotor and hub assembly off. At this point you remove the 5-14mm bolts holding the rotor to the hub and slide the hub out of the rotor [depending on rust build up you may need to tap on it to break it free from the hub].
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Q: How do you remove the front rotor of Infiniti QX4?
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The manual sales "go to a licenses Infiniti service provider."

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There are two O2 sensors for the 01 QX4. One in front of the catalytic converter and other is behind the converter.

How do you replace the gasoline vapor canister on a 1997 Infiniti Qx4?

disconnect lines and hoses and remove fasteners

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The fuel filter is located in front of the spare tire, easily reachable once you remove the spare tire. Tools to remove the spare tire are located under the carpet under the back seat.

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Your auto parts dealer can give you this information when you purchase your spark plugs. But a 1998 Infiniti QX4 gap is .041.

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9.1 US quarts

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fan clutch

Type of oil in 1997 Infiniti qx4?


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The oil filter on a 1998 Infiniti QX4 is located on the bottom, right side of the engine. It is positioned in an downward angle to allow for easier removal.

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The best way to replace a door window on your Infiniti QX4 is to take it to a dealership that specialized in repairs for the Infiniti. Your car may still be under warranty, and may be able to be repaired by factory trained mechanics.

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dealer only

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Possibly under the dashboard.

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100,000 miles

Where Jack Infiniti qx4?

The Jack Is Underneath The Rear Right Seat.

How do you change the CV boot on an Infiniti QX4?

remove axle, separate joint inner or outter joint, clean, regrease, and put it back together with a new boot

What is the tire size for a Infiniti 2003 qx4?

Standard size - 255/65r16

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