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The front sight is mounted on a "dove tail", you just tap it out of the notch in the ramp with a hammer and a punch or drift pin. The ramp is welded on, you cant take it off.

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Q: How do you remove the front sight on a Winchester Model 94?
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How do you remove the front sight on a Winchester model 70?

Only 1 screw is visible, there are 2. Remove front sight hood, drive dove tail blade out from left to right. The other screw is visible now. Remove both screws and the ramp comes off.

How do you install a front sight on a Winchester model 92?

Best left to a trained gunsmith.

How do you remove the rear sight on a Winchester Model 94?

drift out with punch from left to right, muzzle pointed away from you.

What company made rear sights for Winchester model 70 1953?

The standard mod 70 had a Winchester bead front sight on a ramp base with a sight cover. The standard rear sight was a Winchester 22G open sight. The rifles chambered for .375 H&H Mag had the Lyman 6W folding rear sight. Model 70 National Match (chambered for .30-06 only) had a Lyman No. 77 front sight on a forged ramp sight base and a Lyman No. 48WH rear sight. All receivers were tapped and drilled for popular scope and iron sights. The Model 70 Super Grade had a Redfield full gold bead front sight on a ramp with sight cover and a Winchester 22G open rear sight. (with acknowledgement to The Gun Digest, seventh edition, 1953)

How do you remove the front sight from a BAR 308 Belgium Portugal model?

Let a gunsmith do it.

Where can you find the front bead sight for model 140 Winchester?

Go to and click on winchester. These folks have more parts for guns than anybody in the world.

How do you remove front sight blade on Remington 742 rifle?

1. Remove the screw to the rear of the front sight ramp.2. Remove the "blade" from the front sight ramp.3. Remove the screw from the front of the front sight ramp (which was formerly seated under the "blade").

Is there a Winchester model 61 that has a 28 inch barrel?

Yes, but they are very rare. Octagon barrel Special order. Can have optional features such as tang sight and front sight fold down beech front. Extremely rare!

What is the correct rear sight for a Winchester model 94?

Most came with a tooth ramped iron sight.But there could be different styles depending on the age of your Winchester model 1894 rifle,such as a peep sight,a full buckhorn sight,etc.

What model of Lyman tang sight fits a Winchester 9422?

Lyman is currently only producing the #2 tang sight, which is not designed for the Winchester 9422. Marble's makes a tang sight for the Winchester 9422. The LR version requires the 009812 sight and the 9422 Magnum requires the 009837 sight.

How do you install a sight hood on a Winchester model 94?

Best left to a gunsmith

Does the pre 64 model 94 without peep sight have a brush guard over the sight on end of barrel?

Winchester buckhorns often came with hoods. Look at the sides of the front sight ramp.Are there slots cut into the sides of the ramp? If there are, the sight originally came with a hood.

Where can you get a rear sight ramp for a Winchester model 1894?

Start with then eBay and

Is there a sight you can buy parts for a Winchester model 70a?

Try Brownell's, MidWay USA

Front sight removeal Winchester 30 06 1917?

Best left to a good gunsmith

What receiver sight that fits the Winchester model 64 without drill and tap?

I would go to the Williams gun sight company.They should have a chart that will answer your question for you.

How do you remove the rear sight on a Winchester 290?

Use a punch and tap it across the barrel. Its a dove tail joint.

How do you remove the front ramp site on a 760 Remington rifle?

There are two screws securing the ramp to the barrel. One screw is quite obvious at the rear of the ramp. The other screw is under the front sight blade. Remove the front sight blade and you will be able to remove the mounting screw.

What is the value of Model 1890 Winchester pump third edition case harden adjustable rear sight serial number 254369?

the Winchester 1890 is a fine 22 cal plinker. check with '' and look under winchester 1890 model for sale price

How do you remove front sight mosin nagant?

There are 2 pins that must be removed.

What is the name of the sights on a Winchester 94 that was made in 1910 called if the front sight can be rotated into three different positions?

It is a "King Patent Triple Bead" sight. Bert H.

What is value of Winchester 22 long pump serial number 594158 with pop up sight?

You will need to include the model number of your Winchester .22cal pump action rifle to get a answer to your question.

When was a marlin model 80 made?

Model 80 1934 to 1939 Model 80-E 1934 to 1939 peep sight with hooded front sight Model 80-C 1940 to 1970 semi-beavertail forearm Model 80-DL 1940 to 1965 semi-beavertail forearm with peep sight

What is correct rear sight for Winchester model 1894 25-35 cal 1897 manufacture?

Requires professional appraisal.

What does PG mean on a Remington model 514?

The "P" designates peep rear sight & ramp front sight, not sure of the "G" designation.