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You do not need to remove the fuel rail to remove the spark plugs.

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Q: How do you remove the fuel rail on 1998 grand marquis in order to remove spark plugs?
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How do you replace 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6l spark plugs?

Remove the spark plug wires from your 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis spark plugs. Remove the spark plugs by turning them to the left with a deep well 5/8 socket. Reverse the process to install the new spark plugs.

How do you Change spark plugs 2001 mercury grand marquis?

The plugs are under the coil. Just remove the coil and there they are.

Where are the spark plugs on a 2002 Mecury grand Marquis?

Remove the coil on top of the plug, they are there.

Where are the freeze plugs on a 97 Grand Marquis?

If it has them they are located on the side of the block. They are actually casting plugs used to remove sand during casting, and have nothing to do with protection from freezing.

Where are the spark plugs located on a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis and how do you change them?

there is a coil on each one. remove the coil and there is the plug.

Where are spark plugs on a 1998 mercury grand marquis?

Each spark plug has a coil on the top. Just remove the coil.

How do you access 6th and 7th spark plugs on a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis under the engine cover?

remove engine cover

Where are spark plugs located on a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Beneath the coils. There are 8 coils. 4 on each side. Remove the coils (gently), then remove the plus.

Do you have to remove the fuel rail to change the spark plugs on a 1993 mercury grand marquis?

no they are not in the way at all but the air box intake needs to be removed to get to the left side spark plugs

How many spark plugs in a 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis?

8 spark plugs

How many spark plugs on a 1990 mercury grand marquis?

8 spark plugs

Are there two oil drain plugs for 1990 grand marquis?


Does intake manifold need to be removed to change spark plugs on 97 grand marquis?

No. If you have c.o.p. ( coil on plug ) just remove the coil, there's the plug.

Where are plugs 98 gr marquis?

The plugs are under the coil. Remove the coil first.

How do you change the coils and spark plugs on a1998 mercury grand marquis?

You have C.O.P ( coil on plug ). Just un clip the coil wire, remove the small screw and the coil is off. Spark plugs are under the coil's.

What is Location of spark plugs in 2003 mercury grand marquis?

First you must remove the plastic cover on top of the engine. the spark plugs are located directly under the coil packs and there are no plug wires so when you remove the coil, you will see the top of the plugs. This is not too difficult even for a shade tree kinda guy.

How do you replace spark plugs on a 1997 grand marquis?

Disconnect the car battery, disconnect the spark plug cables, and remove the old spark plugs. Next put in the new spark plugs, re-connect the spark plug cables and connect the car battery.

How do youchange sparks plugs in marquis 98?

just remove the coil's that are on top of the plug, then change the plugs.

Where are spark plugs located on a 1999 grand marquis?

they are located under the coil pack

Where are the spark plugs for a 2002 mercury grand marquis?

C.O.P. ( coil on plug ) They are under the coil's.

Where are the spark plugs located in a 98 mercury grand marquis?

Under the coil on each cyl.

What causes oil in spark plugs 1999 grand marquis?

Bad Rings. Get your Rings replaced asap.

How do you know if the freeze plugs are blown or leaking in a 94 grand marquis?

cooliant in resvoir tank will be brown

How often should you change plugs in a 2006 mercury grand marquis v8?

The original plugs should be good for around 100,000 miles ( 160,000 ) kms. Take it from there.

How do you remove the spark plugs from a 2001 Mercury Grande Marquis?

You should have C.O.P. ( coil on plug ). Just remove the coil, and remove the plug the normal way.