How do you remove the fuel tank from a 1983 VW Rabbit?

disconnect the battery negative terminal. unscrew the drain plug and drainthe fuel into a suitable container. remove the brake fluid reservoir filler cap and tghtenit down onto a piece of pllythene sheeting; this will reduce the loss of brake fluid in sunsequent operations.shock the front wheels. jack up the rear of the car and support it on axle stands. sisconnect the brake line hoses on each side of the carm just forward of the rear axle mountings plug the ends to prevent the entry of dirt. unscrew and remove the axle mounting nuts from each side of the car, and lower the rear axle beam as far as the handbreake cable guides will allow. remove the echaust silencer mounting rubber and lower the silencer. lossen the securing clip and disconnect the fuel supply hose fromthe tank. note the ollocation of the engine supplu and return pipes, then diconnect them fromthe tank. remove the reaining straps and lower the tank sufficiently to disconnect the fuel gauge sender unit wires breather pipe and drain pipe. withdraw the fuel tank from under the car.