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I will make the assumption that it is the same as a 95. If that is so, then;

Jack the truck up in the rear as high as you can.

Place jack stands under the axle.

Disconnect the filler and return hoses.

Drain the tank

Disconnect the fuel line from the top of the tank.

Disconnect the electrical fitting from the tank. [ there is a "hold in clip " on the top of this connecter.

Get a 3 ft or so 1X8 and a jack, support the bottom of the tank with this.

Remove 1 bolt from the front rock shield. It is right on top of the frame, 1/2 in [I think]

There are two nuts [15mm] on the driveshaft side of the tank at the strap attachment points.

The rear nut is easily accessable. The front one is under the driveshaft bracket but, can be removed [think long extension for this job.

The fuel pump and filter assy are accessed by screwing off the plastic ring and lifting them out. NOTE there will still be about a quart of fuel in this unit.

Replacement is the reverse of the above. NOTE: the pump filter unit has at the top a rubber seal. This seal must be fully inside the housing for the plastic lock down to engage correctly.

have fun.

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Q: How do you remove the gas tank on a 96 dodge ram 1500 truck?
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