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How do you remove the handle that rolls the window up and down in a 1992 Geo Prism?

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You need a special tool to remove the spring in the door handle. Note: the spring will go flying, so I suggest closing the door before removing it. At least it will be somewhere inside the car. Or you could buy a new little spring while you are at the store buying the tool. :)


2015-07-15 21:41:59
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What is the name of the part that a power window rolls up and down on?

window regulator

You can pop off the door panel in your 1998 Plymouth neon but the handle that rolls up and down the window will not let you get to the old speakers to install new ones how do you take the handle off?

right behind the handle where it attaches to the door should be a pin/ring/clip holding the handle on. very hard to see and to reach. should pop out with a flat head screwdriver.

What year nova can the back window roll down in?

73 nova is the only nova were the back window rolls down

What does a power window regulator do?

it rolls the window up and down, but that's not the problem. it's your window switch, very easy to replace and not exspensive at all, it's a plug in part

What if the passenger side electric window on your 1991 miata rolls almost to the top then starts working it's way down How can you fix it?

The controls and rails have worn and the vibration of the vehicle is allowing the weight of the window to move everything down. You may need to remove the door panel to replace some of the internal parts and the window rails.

1998 Chevy cavaliar driver window rolls down but rolls up slowly?

Take off door panel and grease window track. Regulator motor may also be worn which would cause slow close condition.

The Power Window on your 2001 Intrepid ES rolls up but not down Why?

This is probably an issue with one of the switches. Either the master drivers window swithch pod or the one for that specific window.

You replaced the window motor on drivers side door with the automatic window switch Window rolls up then comes halfway down Any help?

Try this link. Hopefully it helps.

How can you fix your electric driver side window on your 1999 Pontiac Sunfire convertible it rolls down but not up?

you prolly need a new window motor... check a local junkyard.

How do you replace and adjust the drivers window on a 92 civic cx?

Ok I got the window replace but how do you adjust it so that it runs up and down on the track properly? The front side of the window keeps falling off the track because the window rolls down crooked. Thanks

New beetle driver side window only rolls half way down?

There is a styro-foam sound deadening piece in the door It measures about 6in tall and 24 in long . the one on my driverside door came loose inside and would stop the window 1/2 down. STEP 1) 3 screws in bottom of door, 2 more in the handle. to remove the inner door skin. STEP 2) Unbolt inner door skin from door. STEP 3) Either RE GLUE the styro to the door or remove it completely ( Recommend that you reglue it. reverse the process and DONE .

How do you fix a power window on a 1990 Camry that rolls down but not up?

the track may not be align and its binding somewhere inside. you have to remove the trim and the plastic water seal so you have a better view. if you can roll your window manually the better but first you have to disconnect wiring harness from the power window motor. if not just try to roll it up and down using its own switch and check where it binds do the necessary adjustment. check also your window gasket maybe its the culprit. goodluck.

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What is wrong with a 1990 Nissan Maxima if the rear window on the driver's side rolls down all by itself?

If by " rolls down all by itself" you mean that it slowly slides down while traveling in the car, then my advice would be to take the door panel off and check to see if the window came off the the lower clips. If every thing looks sound and or the window is electronicly rolling itself down I don't know what to tell you.

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How do you fix a power window on a 1992 Camry that rolls down but not up?

Possible causes. 1.Bad Fuse 2.Bad Motor 3.Bad Switch 4.Window has slid out of its track If the window rolls up to a certain point but stops then it may have slid out of track and is hitting a rubber or plastic guide. In the event of the window sliding out of its track. This can be confirmed by looking down the seal of the door with a flash light. Try to roll the window up and see if its hitting anything. It may be something else but it seems these are the most likely.

How can you open the back of a 1990 ford bronco Eddie Bauer if you cant roll down the rear window?

If you go into the back, there's a panel that has around 10 or so screws. You remove the panel. If you look, there's I think 4 nuts that hold the window to the mechanism that rolls the window up & down. The mechanism will flex a little. Once you get the 4 nuts off, pull the mecanism away from the window. Be carefull though so the window doesn't slam down. Just get it down far enough to open the tailgaate, but you may want to support the window once the tailgate is down. I used a bar stool with a towel on top. Hope this helps!!

Where can you get a part for the front driverside window on a 96 Geo tracker because my window wont roll down it rolls down about 4in then it stops?

Hi, Could you please edit your question and give some specifics as to what window. I'm sure that we all may be able to help if we knew what window you're looking for parts for. Thanks. Steve H.

Rear window rolls down but not up?

Automatic Car windows can sometimes become trouble for the owner. If your window is rolling down, but refuses to roll up, this is due to a burnt wiring inside the motor. The motor is attached to the driving seat door.

How do you take off lever that rolls up your window on 2006 jeep wrangler?

There is usually a snap ring underneath of a cover right behind the handle. You need to take a small tool (and a pen light to see it) to push the legs of the snap ring. Usually if you can get it started and use a hook tool on the other side, it will come off pretty easily.

How do you fix a driver side window on a 1991 Honda Accord It rolls down all the way but it only rolls up three fourths of the way.?

Take ArmorAll that has the straw with it and roll the window all the way down or as far as it will go and spray it down on the inside of the door which is the inside of the door and that should help loosen the hinges making it easier to go up and down try this and see if it works ok.

Where is the circuit breaker for the power windows located on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Country?

There is no circuit breaker. CHeck your fuse box relay (passenger side next to glve compartment)make sure no fuses are blown. Each window has its own relay circuit module. If one of the windows will not roll down or up, simply remove the relay (switch) and replace it. for starters, remove the door panel from driver side and passenger side. remove one of the (switches) that rolls the window up and down, and swap them out. that will test to see it its faulty or not. best thing to do is go to autozone or parts house and order it..they are cheap