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== == Use hot water and baking soda and wash it regularly.

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Q: How do you remove the hard build-up of deodorant from a shirt?
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How do you remove the hard clumpy stains from my deodorant from my shirts and tee shirts?

wash em!!!! also; buy ban deodorant! it's smells nice too:]

What is the best way to remove wax buildup from hard woods?

You have to scrub it with paraffin or kerosene . Not a fun job

What causes hard muscles to ache during hard exercise?

buildup of lactic acid.

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Is deodorant harmful?

No. But you should avoid deodorants with alumimun in them (which is pretty hard to find without aluminum)

How do you get printer ink out of a t-shirt?

One way to get printer ink out of a t-shirt is to soak the shirt in bleach. Printer ink is very hard to get out of clothing.

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I think shrinking a shirt is hard job. You may go to a tailor and ask him to customize it for you.

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How do you remove dried acrylic paint stain from shirt?

what i did was take the shirt and put in a full sink for 24 hours with dish soap then take it out and really quikly take a towle pinch real hard and pull it off keep pinching and pulling until its off !

What could be causing the scaly buildup and pitting on bathroom fixtures?

Hard water deposits are generally to blame.

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Dissolve hard-water buildup on plastic?

To dissolve hard water buildup on plastic, the plastic can be sprayed with a solution of white vinegar and water. Let the solution stay on the material for a while, then wash with a dish soap and rinse well. Smaller pieces can be soaked in vinegar and water for a while, then washed.

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Everything is answered here:

Is butter hard to remove?


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Peanut butter can be used to remove chewing gum from hard surfaces.

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If the rhinestones are Swarovski, you may have a hard time removing them without tearing the shirt. They stay on. If they are the cheaper stones, you can try turning the shirt inside out and heating it with an iron. Cover it with a thin cloth, such as a sheet first. Heat the back of the stones and try to gently take them off while the glue is warm. Works sometimes. Not all of the time. Good luck!

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If you are using a laptop, you will have to remove some screws from the bottom and then carefully remove the hard drive using an appropriate tool. If you are using a desktop, you will have to remove a few screws from the back that is holding the hard drive in. You will also have to remove a plug that goes from the hard drive to the computer. Then, do these steps in reverse with the new hard drive.

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Hard water is not a health hazard for drinking. However, hard water will affect cleaning and mineral buildup on water fixtures such as sinks and faucets.

Where can you buy this shirt?

Since the question does not specify the shirt, it may be hard to answer it. However, most stores will have different types of shirts include online clothing stores.

How does the type of materials affect how long a shirt takes to dry?

The more absorbant the material is of liquids the hard it will be for the dryer or air dry to absorb the liquids from the shirt.

How does the types of materials affect how long a shirt take to dry?

The more absorbant the material is of liquids the hard it will be for the dryer or air dry to absorb the liquids from the shirt.

I can be soft or hard I cover your nuts If you have to remove me to eat this is hard?


How do you remove the buildup of hard water on your bathroom mirror?

with ammonia based cleansing products. Vinegar. Put a bit of vinegar on a paper ttowel and "plaster" it to the mirror. It will stick and dissolve the mineral off the glass. Then just wipe with the towel, and you get a beautiful shine. Works every time!

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That depends on how hard you were hit, but typically, no.