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Here goes ... (NOTE)It worked best for me to leave the intake manifold and injection system attached to the head until after it's off the engine.

(SPECIAL NOTE) Be ready with extra rags, sponges to IMMEDIATELY absorb any coolant that gets into cylinders during head removal. Also wouldn't hurt to pour a little motor oil into each cylinder afterwards. AND ... try very hard to keep any dirt, wind-blown dust, lost tools etc out of the cylinders to prevent scratching the cylinder walls and piston rings so the engine won't puff oil after you're done. I just soak some rags with oil and pack them into the cylinders. Remember, if dirt was good for the engine, they would have put it in at the factory!

1. Disconnect battery 2. Drain radiator by opening the petcock on the bottom tank. Don't let the dog drink any spilled coolant or he'll die! 3. Remove accessory belts from the front (passenger end) of the engine. 4. Remove Power Steering pump and mounting bracket and swing it out of the way. 5. Disconnect upper radiator hose from radiator. 6. Remove entire distributor with cap and wires attached and swing aside. 7. Remove air cleaner-to-throttle body ducting. 8. Unbolt exhaust pipe from manifold, then remove manifold. 9. Make sure car is securely parked with emergency brake on. 10. Place jack / jack stands / cement block / whatever under the front edge of the oilpan. Make sure that you don't stick out over the front edge of the pan, and try real hard to not cave in the oil pan. 11. Remove the front (passenger side) motor mount. 12. Remove the valve cover. 13. Remove the black plastic front engine cover (timing belt cover) making sure you get the two bolts at the very bottom on either side (10mm). 14. Now that you can see the timing belt, loosen the belt tensioner to give slack in the belt. (PS: now's a good time to buy a new timing belt) 15. Slide the timing belt off it's top (camshaft) pulley. If you're going to replace the timing belt, also remove the harmonic balancer/pulley from the crankshaft) 16. Disconnect all hoses: heater hoses at the firewall, vacuum hoses, and finally the fuel line WHICH WILL KEEP LEAKING FUEL, so figure out some way to plug the line ahead of time, or else the next spark may be your last. 17. Unplug wiring harnesses at engine components.

18. Now for the cylinder head bolts which have a 10mm female Allen head. It's best to just go and buy a 10mm male Allen socket now ... a simple Allen 10mm "L" wrench with a foot or so of small iron pipe will get the bolts OUT, but you're gonna need the REAL socket to re-install and properly torque them. 19. Carefully pry the head loose from the block (remember, this is ALUMINUM!!) 20. Lift the head away (after you've unhooked the hoses or wires you missed in the steps above).

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Q: How do you remove the head on a 1991 Geo Storm?
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