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headlamp removalOn the 00 Matiz I am working on, you first remove the Phillips headed screw which holds the body coloured panel between the headlamp and the indicator. Then using a 10mm spanner or socket you remove the 3 bolts anchoring the headlamp to the car. Now all you have left is to disconnect any wiring and you have the lamp out. Honestly, this is as basic as it gets and I wish the rest of my head gasket job was this easy. Theres a tradeoff here take all the steel associated with the traditional front grill and surrounds on a car which make headlight removal more cumbersome, and replace it with the nothingness that is the front of a Daewoo Matiz! Hence there is very little there at the front when you lift the bonnet, only the headlights.
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Q: How do you remove the headlamps on a Daewoo Matiz?
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