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How do you remove the headliner in a 2000 beetle?


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Full instructions and with pictures available at


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The 2000 VW Beetle headliner is held in place by a retaining strap. The retaining strap encircles the entire roof. The retaining strap has approximately 20 screws holding it in place. Remove the retaining screws and the headliner will come free.

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how do you remove the headliner from a 1999 mercury cougar

In order to remove the headliner, your have to remove the seats or it will not fit out of the car.

To remove the headliner on the 1998 Ford Escort, first remove both of the visors by removing their screws. Then, remove the trim from around the edges of the interior roof. Then, pull the headliner down from the ceiling.

The trim around the headliner needs to be removed. The trim holds the headliner up. Be careful during removal not to break the headliner backer.

remove the headliner remove the old moonroof install new moonroof replace headliner

You will need to remove the headliner. With the headliner removed you will be able to see the overhead console retaining screws. Remove the retaining screws.

To change the headliner on the Mercedes C280, you will first need to remove all interior trim that covers the edges of the headliner. Then, remove the sun visors. Pull the old headliner from the roof and use spray glue to add the new headliner. Then, replace the visors and the trim.

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Remove all interior moldings that touch the headliner, the sunvisors and dome lamp and pull it down.

Removing the headliner board from a 96 Nissan Sentra is not too complicated - 1st you remove the visors, hangers and anything else that attaches through the headliner and then you remove the headliner plastic trim. The board should fall free so it can be removed from the car through the front passenger door.

Remove the trim work like around the doors... the headliner is mainly held up and on by the trims and also the visers

i am going to replace my headliner in my 93 Honda accod, need to information

on my 1970 coupe the windsheld holds the must remove both windsheld first.

Remove the headliner board, clean it and replace the headliner material. There is a online guide at this page

Pull the headliner and access in the middle of the car behind the sunroof. Or if you want just the antenna, not the cable-to-the-antenna, stand outside the car and unscrew it. very carefully

more than likely you will have to take the back glass out to be able to slide the headliner out.

I have 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab with overhead console, and need to remove the headliner to have it redone. What is the procedure for removal? Thanks Mick

Remove the screws that hold the headliner in place. With the headliner removed the overhead console retaining bolts will be visible. Remove the retaining bolts. Remove the wiring harness from the console.

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Ford Explorer headliner replacement instructions check related link below.

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The sunroof motor is in the headliner, above the motor switch You have to remove the sunvisors and pull down the headliner to see it

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