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How do you remove the headliner on a 2000 Mountaineer that would allow you access to clean out the drain tubes that are around the sun roof?


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while driving during the rash of rain that we had in eastern pa. iwas getting soaked,i though that my sunroof tubes were clogged up,so i openned my sunroof completely and took a peek at the tubes with a flashlight and used a small can of compressed air used for computers to make sure it was clear then pour a little water into the tube with no luck, so i took the top door trim off,all you have to do is pry off with your bare hands,but make sure you pry straight out,maybe you can use your fingers at the top and a screw driver at the bottom the first clip you shoud snap out is the one near the junction between the front door moulding and the rear door but don't forget to always pull straight out then all you have to do is go around the moulding as long as you have a straight pull you won't brake the snaps or clips, after you take that mouldinf off take off four screws holding your sun visor three on the left side and one in the right side for the drivers side and the oppossite for the passenger side once you do that get a flaslight and as you pry the front corner of your sunroof down take a peek and you will see that that the rubber connector to the tube has separated from either the tube or the hose,in that case all i did was stick my hand in there and pull the connector off ,clean it out and put a little silicone to make sure it does not come off anymore til, i want to get to it again, just pry the headliner down gently,and you will have just enough room to work on it,remember all you want to do is to make sure you don't have any leaks and do not play around too mu7ch because the tube might disappear from view and into the body frame and you will have a hard time to fish it out,like i just did. good luck with your project.


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The trim around the headliner needs to be removed. The trim holds the headliner up. Be careful during removal not to break the headliner backer.

To remove the headliner on the 1998 Ford Escort, first remove both of the visors by removing their screws. Then, remove the trim from around the edges of the interior roof. Then, pull the headliner down from the ceiling.

How do we remove leak stains from headliner?

Remove the trim work like around the doors... the headliner is mainly held up and on by the trims and also the visers

how do you remove the headliner from a 1999 mercury cougar

In order to remove the headliner, your have to remove the seats or it will not fit out of the car.

remove the headliner remove the old moonroof install new moonroof replace headliner

You will need to remove the headliner. With the headliner removed you will be able to see the overhead console retaining screws. Remove the retaining screws.

To change the headliner on the Mercedes C280, you will first need to remove all interior trim that covers the edges of the headliner. Then, remove the sun visors. Pull the old headliner from the roof and use spray glue to add the new headliner. Then, replace the visors and the trim.

how to remove headline on ford van

Remove all interior moldings that touch the headliner, the sunvisors and dome lamp and pull it down.

Removing the headliner board from a 96 Nissan Sentra is not too complicated - 1st you remove the visors, hangers and anything else that attaches through the headliner and then you remove the headliner plastic trim. The board should fall free so it can be removed from the car through the front passenger door.

i am going to replace my headliner in my 93 Honda accod, need to information

on my 1970 coupe the windsheld holds the must remove both windsheld first.

i have mercury mountaineer 2004 i remove first the cover around the radio is a press ion when you remove you have to take 4 screw 2 in left 2 in right them put in front slow them disconnected the harness and antenna .

Remove the headliner board, clean it and replace the headliner material. There is a online guide at this page

more than likely you will have to take the back glass out to be able to slide the headliner out.

I have 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab with overhead console, and need to remove the headliner to have it redone. What is the procedure for removal? Thanks Mick

Remove the screws that hold the headliner in place. With the headliner removed the overhead console retaining bolts will be visible. Remove the retaining bolts. Remove the wiring harness from the console.

The 2000 VW Beetle headliner is held in place by a retaining strap. The retaining strap encircles the entire roof. The retaining strap has approximately 20 screws holding it in place. Remove the retaining screws and the headliner will come free.

The sunroof motor is in the headliner, above the motor switch You have to remove the sunvisors and pull down the headliner to see it

to remove the headliner, start with the windshield plastic covers on front sides, then door rubbers, then seat belt plastic covers, everything snaps in, unscrew the visors, pop out the interior light, unscrew, pry out two buttons in rear headliner, and it should be down, you must remove it through the back door...goodluck

Istalling a headliner is not that difficult. First, remove everything that is bolted or screwed to the existing headliner, e.g., sun visors, luggage bar supports, etc. Next, remove anything that is bolted or screwed to the trim pieces that contact the headliner, e.g., shoulder strap supports. Next, firmly pull the trim pieces from the sides, rear and front. Next, pull the headliner down from the rear and slide it out through the tail gate. After that go to the fabric store and purchase foam backed headliner material and about two cans of headliner adhesive. Remove the material from the old headliner and clean the residual off with a putty scraper or stiff brush. After the headliner is clean and dry, spray it with headliner adhesive. Let dry until tacky. Next, spray the foam side of the headliner material with adhesive. When tacky apply the headliner material to the headliner shell. Work in sections and be careful to stretch and smooth the material as you go. Fold material over the ends as possible. Finally trim off the excess and cut the necessary holes for the sunroof, if so equipped, screws for the sun visors, etc. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Remove the flip down mirrors, the dome light, and the plastic moldings around the door (If you want to be able to reuse it). Then simply pull carefully it is hooked by corkboard and glue strips. Once its out you can carefully remove it through either door for reuse or simply fold it in half. All pieces removed will go back in without a new headliner for common use until you get one.

Do you have a sedan (4-door) or coupe (2-door)? This job is pretty tough if you have no experience. Requires a lot to be removed through out the car to be able to access the headliner. Pretty much all the corner peices, and 2 side peices all have to be removed......A-pillar moldings,B-pillars,and C-pillars. You also have to remove the overhead control panel. You will also need to remove the top clip after the sunroof is open at the front. Its the width of the sunroof and goes from side to side, and holds the front part of the headliner in place. Once all these peices have been removed, you have to slide the headliner forward off of the rear clip, then it will come down. Depending on what options the car has, the wiring harness will still be attached to the headliner, (glued) unless your actually replacing the headliner, you don't have to fully remove it if your doing any sunroof work. Make your life easier and try and get some work instructions from your local dealer, they should be able to print them up for you.

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