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How do you remove the heater core on a 1997 Olds Achieva?

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i need instructions on changing a heater core on a 1997 Oldsmobile achieva

2011-09-13 06:23:04
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How to replace heater core in a 1996 olds achieva sl?

To replace most heater cores you have to remove the dash on the passenger side.

1997 olds achieva After removing the starter a wire got pulled out we can't find where it goes?

1997 olds achieva remove starter and wire plug got pulled out and we cant find where it goes? help?

What does it mean if engine coolant is leaking heavily out of the ac condensate tube coming out of the firewall on your 1997 olds achieva?

Leak in heater core.

Why does your heater occasionally stop working and there is water on the floorboards on a 95 olds achieva?

you need to replace your heater core.

Will the rims from a 1997 olds achieva fit a 1990 dodge dynasty?


How do you install fuel pump on olds achieva 1997?

You buy tools and install it!

How do you replace caliper on 1997 olds achieva 2.4?

Remove 2 caliper bolts, squeeze piston back,remove old and fit new pads. Wirebrush slider then re-fit caliper.

Are there any other coolant hoses on a 3.1 v6 olds achieva which could leak significant amounts of coolant?

The heater hoses.

How do you remove the console shift knob on an AT 1993 Olds Achieva?

To remove the console shift knob on the AT 1993 Olds Achieva, first pry the cover from the top of the shift knob. Then, access the single screw inside the cover of the shift knob and turn it counter-clockwise to release the knob.

How do you remove the heater pipe from the engine block?

how to remove timing cover with heater pipe attached 92 olds 88 3.8l

Which Olds replace the Achieva?


Why would a 92 Olds Achieva hold water in the interior?

Sound like your heater core is leaking? I have heard about this problem from other achieva owners. I think others have figured out it is a leak from the door moulding which allows water in and it puddles in the floorboard. I don't think it would be from the heater core.

Gas Mileage on 1995 Oldsmobile achieva?

I get about 30 miles to the gallon with my olds achieva.

How do you remove the electrical plug from the oil level sensor on a 1993 3.3 Olds Achieva?

Squeeze the locks on the sides of the plug.

What size Allen wrench to remove front brake pads on a 1994 olds achieva s?

You need a 3/8 Allen key.

How do you replace rotors on a 1998 Olds Achieva?

remove your tire,take off your brake assembly,two hex head bolts,remove old rotor,and put new one on.

Where is the fuel pump on a 94 olds achieva?

In the fuel tank

Where is the fuel pump on a 1996 Olds Achieva?

It is in the gas tank.

Remove and install front drive axle on 97 olds achieva?

I am trying to do this myself,any suggestions ========== Do not turn transmission! I myself, 8/29/09

Where do you charge the ac on a 1997 olds achieva?

The low pressure port that is located under the front passenger side of the car in front of the starter. I took me forever to find it.

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 1995 olds achieva s?

where is cooling fan relay on 1995 olds acheiva

How do you remove window crank from 1993 olds achieva?

ay have a horse shoe type clip at the rear behind handle removal tool available at auto parts

Olds achieva overheats a lot but this time the smoke is coming from the opposite side I turned it off so it could cool down but why would it not restart?

mine overheated a lot, turned out to be the heater core.

Find heater core in 1997 olds achevia?

mine's a 98, but its under the dash on the passenger side (behind the glovebox)

How many 1993 olds achieva scx where made?

somewhere around 500 or so, i have a 1992 W41 Achieva only like 1500 of them were made.